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Adobe Commerce's Journey

Varien was an experienced player in the open-source eCommerce segment that has been. Magento Commerce was established in 2008 by Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner, and calls itself “the leading platform for open commerce innovation.” Moreover, eBay had made an investment in Magento in 2011 and acquired 49% ownership shares of the company. Furthermore, Magento would be acquired by Adobe to integrating it into Adobe Experience Cloud in 2018. Moreover, Adobe Magento Commerce launches their new versions and updates their features & technology.

Digital commerce was already growing year on year. Moreover, Originate engaging, shoppable occurrences with Adobe Magento Commerce with modern extensions, themes, and a global partner ecosystem.

Do you know?
Adobe has precisely integrated the branding of Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud to the isolate brand named Adobe Commerce.

Magento Journey
Adobe Commerce Features

What is Adobe Commerce Cloud?

Adobe Commerce Cloud (ACC) is an ideal bundled presentation that offers companies a flexible and scalable end-to-end platform to control, personalize, and optimize the commerce occurrence over each touchpoint and beyond the whole consumer journey. Adobe Commerce Cloud was created on the Magento platform. We’ll assist you in creating magnificent cross-channel occurrences – from plan to implementation and beyond – securing that each step in your consumer’s journey is personal and memorable.

Features of Adobe Commerce Cloud

Cloud Nature

There is no difficulty in believing that the cloud feature of Adobe Commerce cloud is the most crucial feature. Even its name includes the term “cloud.” Therefore, you can control your eCommerce store from anywhere at any time.


There are Commerce Dashboards in the Adobe Commerce Cloud and other tools require for controlling the business metrics. The analytics of Adobe Commerce Cloud will assist you in the more effective marketing, merchandising, and distribution aspects of your online store.


There are core innovations and order management to provide an omnichannel occurrence on the platform. Therefore, you can host the catalog of your products over several channels, but you will need significant lifting for this. Additionally, Adobe Commerce doesn’t have any direct social integration.


The combination of Adobe Commerce with the Adobe Occurrence Manager is mainly exciting. If you are taking it as a visulization side, then Adobe Commerce is a great fit. Moreover, Adobe Commerce needs to utilize Progressive Web Applications. Exceeding that, it’s up to you as the merchant to create your extension or vet third-party solutions.

Agile and Flexible

With the cloud essence of the platform, you obtain a substantial level of agility and flexibility in Adobe Commerce Cloud. So, There are also exceptional APIs, microservices, enterprise systems, and headless models by which you can obtain the most out of the platform.

Content Personalization

You can present important to the right shoppers utilizing Adobe Target. Furthermore, The campaigns are simple to test with automated behavioral targeting. Utilizing Adobe Target, you can switch the current visitors into regular patrons and increase loyalty amongst the current ones.

PWA Studio

You can leverage the PWA studio of Adobe Commerce Cloud to create lightweight yet durable and appealing digital occurrences for your mobile audience.

Google Shopping Ads

You can allow your brand to enroll for Google Smart Shopping campaigns by integrating with Google Merchant Center and Advertising Channels. You can choose the products for your ad campaigns, budgets, shipping rules, tax rules, etc.

Features Of Administrative Suite

Perceiving all Magento 2 primary functionalities, Adobe Commerce Cloud is packing with a strong administrative suite. These remarkable innovations are extremely crucial to your business, individually, when you want to implement advanced growth plans.

Furthermore, Utilize these features of Adobe Commerce Cloud’s Administrative Suite for your eCommerce Store: Page Builder, Customization, License Management, Storage Tracking, Asset Reclamation, Advanced Support, Billing Information.

adobe commerce admin features

Pros of selecting Adobe Commerce Cloud for your eCommerce site

Faster Time To Market

We have already informed you about Adobe Commerce Cloud. Seemingly this is the strength of the Adobe Commerce cloud across other platforms. Furthermore, It maintains all models, whether various integrations support B2B, B2C, hybrid, etc., and the marketplace.

Constant Innovations

Adobe commerce cloud begins with a high level of compliance and extensibility. But, Being based on the possibilities of our popular platform and its extensive ecosystem, it advances the authenticity of a market monster and the continuous progress of innovations.


You can do global scaling as well as a local change by the Adobe Commerce cloud. Moreover, The multi-site arrangement of the platform can reach consumers from all over the globe and can accommodate each target audience.

Top-Notch Engagement

There should be no hesitation in allowing this that Adobe begins with high-quality content creation. Moreover, You can connect with your consumers on each channel, giving the possible occurrence the most feasible manner.

How is Adobe Commerce Cloud better than Adobe Commerce?

Not just an individual aspect makes the Adobe Commerce Cloud the most flexible and combined platform for eCommerce, order management, and imminent judgment. But, Here are some of the ways by which Adobe Commerce Cloud is better than Adobe Commerce.

Flexibility and Agility

Adobe Commerce cloud can handle your brands over several countries, utilizing a single cloud solution and adaptability to scale as required.

Various Business Model Support

Adobe Commerce cloud holds a multi-site structure. So you can take for any business model – B2B, B2C, or both.


There are more than 315,000 developers who are certified, highly experienced, and committed to accommodating you for everyday commerce experience stand up, and we’re one of those.

Extensive Abilities

So, You can obtain advanced-level technologies utilizing our commerce marketplace to implement modern payment services, marketing services, or campaigns.

Adobe Commerce Pricing

Time and Cost

More than 75 percent of a project of Adobe Commerce Cloud was delivered in less than two months, and there are more than 4,000 out-of-the-box extensions. Furthermore, Extensions reduce down the cost of development, creating it time effective and affordable.

License Pricing

When it flatters to Adobe Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud, both versions essential an annual license fee based on its Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and Average Order Value (AOV). For Adobe Commerce, the price begins at $22,000 up to $125,000 per year. The license for Adobe Commerce Cloud begins at $40,000 up to $190,000 per year. Moreover, There’s quite a significant variation between the Open Source and the Commerce version, but what you will receive will be worth each penny. While with essential costs, Adobe Commerce Cloud allows much more advanced features your business might require while expanding and scaling than its free version.

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