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BigCommerce Service Highlights

BigCommerce online store setup, theme and extension development
BigCommerce & BigCommerce Plus project development
BigCommerce store design in Figma/Photoshop/XD/Sketch/InVision
Shipping, Payment, CRM & ERP Integrations
Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook & Instagram shopping integration
Best server setup guidelines
Digital Marketing

Consulting To Choose The Best

When customers come to us with their ideas, we understand it first, analyze it, and provide them the best consultation, that, how their eCommerce idea can become an online brand with our solutions of BigCommerce.

Investing time in this deeper level of understanding from the outset is what provides us with the insight and ability to make recommendations that will deliver measurable and meaningful results for our clients whilst also providing great experiences for their audiences.

BigCommerce Theme Design

We convert ideas of customers to real design, so customer can feel their eCommerce dream, how the project would look like. Omni-channel experience we build for customer’s application – so application is be available anywhere and everywhere.

All latest design software we use to design & implement in to BigCommerce. Figma, Invision, XD, Sketch, PSD. All the designs we build are mobile responsive.

Technologies involved: HTML, LESS, KnockoutJS, Material Design, Bootstrap

BigCommerce Development

Our certified BigCommerce developer team craft eCommerce application with love. Including custom functionalities development, third party extension integrations. Setting up shipping & payment methods. ERP & CRM integrations. Well known Marketplace integration – Amazon, eBay, and all different region specific brands.

All the code we built is followed by BigCommerce standards, so in future we can easily upgrade to newly BigCommerce version.

Unit testing happens here, developers test all the modules/sections to resolve any conflicts if any.

PWA - Progressive Web Application

PWA is requirement of new eCommerce era, we called it headless BigCommerce. It’s separate application along with BigCommerce’s web app.

Very faster in terms of user experience and page speed. It gives mobile application feel on mobile, and no need of native Android & IOS app after we develop PWA.

PWA is an initiative by Google to make greater mobile app experience with web technologies.

Out of 10 customers, 6 need PWA now days, as they do not want to build native Android & IOS apps.

BigCommerce Features Upgradation

As we know, time by time we as a BigCommerce community release new innovative apps/features to generates sales, attracting customers, understanding customer trends, and more…

So, definitely long term maintenance you will need to keep your eCommerce store performing & profitable.

Born Techies help you with the same helping you with long term support & maintenance.


When you have online store, it’s required that your products are searchable in search engines on the 1st page. Default BigCommerce is SEO enabled, but in this competitive market each product must have unique meta keywords to be setup.

Here, we provide services to setup SEO standards on catagory, products and CMS pages to keep your store search on 1st page of Google and other search engines.

Google PPC Campaign

Building online BigCommerce store is not enough to get sales, your products should be reached to targeted customers, so it can be viewed and purchased.

For this, we help merchants to setup Google PPC campaign & Goole shopping services to achieve the targeted sales goals.