INDIA – What is NOT trending in e-commerce but is doing well with business?

INDIA – What is NOT trending in e-commerce but is doing well with business?

Yes, certain product categories might not be trending in terms of media buzz or social media mentions but are nonetheless performing well in terms of online sales.

Here are a few such categories:

(1) Home Improvement and DIY(Do It Yourself) Products:
~ Tools and Hardware: Despite not being highly talked about, tools and home improvement supplies continue to see steady sales as people undertake renovation and repair projects.
~ Gardening Supplies: Seeds, plants, and gardening tools are consistently in demand, especially with a growing interest in sustainable living.

(4) Office Supplies:
~ Stationery and Office Equipment: With the rise of remote working, office supplies remain a reliable category, although they might not be a hot topic.

(2) Health and Wellness Products:
~ Vitamins and Supplements: These items are staple purchases for many people, providing consistent sales without necessarily trending.
~ Medical Supplies: Items such as first aid kits, over-the-counter medications, and personal protective equipment maintain strong sales.

(3) Pet Supplies:
~ Pet Food and Accessories: Essentials like pet food, litter, and grooming products have a loyal customer base and steady sales, despite not being particularly trendy.

(5) Basic Apparel:
~ Undergarments and Socks: These are everyday necessities that people regularly purchase, contributing to consistent sales.
~ Loungewear and Basics: Comfortable, essential clothing items continue to sell well even if they don’t generate much buzz.

(6) Automotive Parts and Accessories:
~ Replacement Parts: Car maintenance and repair parts are consistently purchased, particularly by DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics.
~ Accessories: Items like seat covers, car cleaning supplies, and gadgets for vehicles have a steady market.

(7) Household Essentials:
~ Cleaning Supplies: Products for cleaning and maintaining homes see consistent demand.
~ Kitchenware: Basic kitchen tools and appliances that people use daily are steady sellers.

(8) Educational Materials:
~ Textbooks and Learning Resources: Especially with the ongoing demand for homeschooling and remote learning support.

While these categories might not be making headlines, their dependable demand and sales performance make them important pillars in the eCommerce market.

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