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What is Magento Patches & Why

To protect online stores from possible hacker attacks and make Magento system much more secure new patches are regularly released. And it’s extremely important to timely install Magento security patches to keep your data safe.

The patch installation is a complex process that requires specific knowledge and influences the work of the whole website. This is the reason why more and more online merchants prefer applying to professionals as soon as they see the warning message ‘immediately install Magento critical security patches’ on their screens.

With the Magento Patch Installation service by BornTechies you will save your time and efforts on applying the security patches to your online store. Let our team apply any Magento patch for you in the shortest time possible.

How We Install Patches

  1. Log in to client’s Magento admin panel, disable ‘Compilation’ and clear the cache to check if everything runs correctly.
  2. Create a sandbox copy of the files to which the patches will be applied.
  3. Apply the patches to the sandbox file copies.
  4. In case of a successful application to the sandbox files, apply the patches to a client’s website.
  5. Clear the cache and enable ‘Compilation’.

What We Require From You

  1. SSH access
  2. FTP access
  3. Store admin panel access


SUPEE 1533
SUPEE 5344
SUPEE 5994
SUPEE 6285
SUPEE 6482
SUPEE 6788
SUPEE 7405
SUPEE 7616
SUPEE 8788
SUPEE 9652

Installation Cost: 49.99$ Per Patch

Latest Security Patches


Feb 6, 2017

This patch contains security updates related to Zend library vulnerability. Risk: Major for Magento Enterprise Edition prior to and Community Edition prior to


Oct 11, 2016

These versions contains multiple security updates. Risk: Critical for Magento Enterprise Edition and Community Edition prior to 2.0.10 and 2.1.2.


May 17, 2016

The version contains a number of security and functional fixes. Risk: Critical for Magento Enterprise and Community Edition prior to 2.0.6.


Mar 31, 2016

The version contains numerous security and functional fixes. Risk: Critical for Magento Enterprise Edition and Community Edition prior to 2.0.4.

To find the details about all security patches please visit the official Magento website

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