Marketing & Optimization

Optimising with intelligence

Once a site is launched, attention needs to turn to its ongoing performance and ability to compete both in terms of visibility as well as functionality and relevance.

Its rare that a single tweak here and there will make much of a difference when some spare time or budget becomes available. We’ve found that websites need to be optimised over a sustained period of time, measuring results, activity and engagement with the site.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

Once a site is built – how can we measure how well it’s performing and where can we tweak its performance to improve site visitor sign up and engagement? CRO is a technique that allows us to identify specific user behaviour and tasks and then make tweaks to specific steps in a process. We then split users in to various groups – where group A may be given an existing set of content or functionality whilst another will be presented with a new and improved variant. We can then track and measure whether the changes improve or hinder a user’s interaction in the site – do more passive users sign up or engage with the service? If it improves it it can be pushed live to all users of the site.


  1. Creates a granular, step by step process into understanding and tweaking a website over time
  2. Measurable and insightful
  3. Avoids assumptions and provides evidence based feedback on site improvements and user engagement

User Testing

How do you know if a site will work properly – or indeed if its already built – whether users are finding the right content or functionality that they are looking for? What ‘pain points’ or ‘blockers’ do they face?

User testing enables us to watch various users interact with a prototype or live site (often taking specific user journeys or just asking them to explore). We can record their screen activity, watch where they look on screen first, listen to their comments, feedback and first impressions. Testing can be as thorough and in depth as time and budget allow – but its rare that user testing doesn’t reveal highly insightful and often essential feedback to the planning process of a website, often saving significant development or design costs further down the line.


  1. Avoids assumptions from in house teams who already understand the proposition and functionality
  2. Ensures we know how users will actually use a website
  3. Helps us to identify pain points and blockers early on in a site’s planning stages
  4. Can be performed on existing sites to help identify where a site can be optimised and improved

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Clearly, no matter how good your website is, it’ll rarely live up to expectations if your visitors can’t find it in the first place. We build websites from the outset with Search Engine visibility in mind, from page naming to sitemaps.

All our sites are provided with a complete set of CMS tools that allow you to optimise every aspect of the site from page titles, to breadcrumbs and metatags, and the site is set up with Google Analytics so that it’s performance can be tracked.

We’re also happy to provide initial SEO strategy, where we can perform site audits, keyword analysis and reports on the most appropriate action to take or we can provide ongoing service where we optimise the site and its content over time.


  1. All sites have built in SEO tools and come with Google Analytics installed
  2. We can provide SEO strategies and recommendations
  3. And we can provide ongoing SEO services including content writing and reporting