How to integrate Shipping method in Shopify?

How to integrate Shipping method in Shopify?

What is eCommerce shipping?

eCommerce shipping encompasses all services required to transport products purchased online from a retailer to the customer’s delivery destination. eCommerce shipping can be manageable, affordable, and fast with the right partner.

The eCommerce shipping process explained

For eCommerce, the shipping process involves everything from receiving a customer order to preparing it for last-mile delivery. The shipping process can be broken down into three primary stages:

  • Order receiving: make sure items are in stock to fulfill the order
  • Order processing: verify order data and make sure it’s accurate (e.g., verifying the shipping address)
  • Order fulfillment: a picking list is generated and items are picked, packed, and prepared to be shipped

Step 1: Connect the shipping method in your store.

Step 2: We store your inventory securely in our fulfillment centers

Step 3: Your customer places an order on your site.

Step 4: Shipper Pick, Pack, and ship the order to your customer fast. 

How to configure Shipping in Shopify?

Let’s have a look at the how-to configure shipping step-by-step.
First, you need to log in or sign up for your Shopify partner account.
Go to the setting section.
Now click on “Shipping & Delivery” Section.


After clicking on “Shipping & Delivery” Section, You’ll be redirected on the inner page of Shipping setting.
You can change and manage the shipping rates.
You can also define your rates for Domestic and International.
You can also create the Shipping profile.
Click on “Create new Profile”.


Did you clicked on “Create new profile” Button?
Ohhh, that’s great – Let’s move ahead!
You’ll be redirected on General Profile Creation page.
Now, You can see the products as you added before in your store.
It’ll displays automatically.
You can see that in below image.

Scrolling down on that page, You can see the “Shipping Form” Section.
You can add manually your pick up store Address at highlighted area after clicking on manage button.
You can also add the Shipping to after clicking on “Create Shipping Zone” – Whatever it is Domestic or International.

Lets’s Go forward.
Click on “Add Rate” Button.
Firstly you have to see two radio buttons – Select one whichever you want to use.
1- Setup your own rates: You can manually add rates of shipping.
2- Use carrier or app to calculate rates: You can download the Apps from Shopify app store and install-configure it in your store.
Now, Click On “Add Conditions” Button.

Did you clicked on it?
That’s great! Moving ahead!!!
Moreover, You can also set the conditions in your method you want to use.
Conditions shows two options by default.
1- Based on Item weight : In this,You can manually define the value of  minimum or maximum weight.
2- Based on Order price : In this,You can manually define the value of  minimum or maximum order price.
Save the file.

Moreover, You can also manages the added shipping to clicking on three dot button that displays on below image.
After clicking on it, you can change the rates, values and addresses in it.

So, If you want to use 3rd party applications for the shipping calculations.
You have to download- install- configure the application from the Shopify App store.

Now, Let’s test it.
Pick one or two products.
move in the add to cart.
click on checkout button.
Fill the demanded information.
Click on continue to shipping.

Now, you can see the shipping method in below image which is added by you before some time.
You can also see the shipping cost on the right section which you added.

That way, You can add or integrate the shipping method in you store.
Hope you’ll get your solutions through this blog.

Wrap Up

With the help of this blog, you should be able to create and manage Shopify shipping. Once you’re done, you can look at the Shopify theme customization to make your store more stunning and enhance the user’s shopping experience. Of course, the store with such product features also has a good hosting partner Like Shopify Cloud.

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