Why should eCommerce Owners move on Shopify?

Why should eCommerce Owners move on Shopify?

Shopify was launched in 2004 and today stands as one of the industry’s most powerful and trustworthy eCommerce software. As per information, Shopify prides itself with 23% of the market share in the hosting platforms of the top 1 million eCommerce stores.

One of the most significant causes for the bend of retailers towards Shopify retains the comfort of use and the availability of a host of themes when it arrives to design and development. We would also like to alleviate light on the following Cart2Cart migration statistics, wherein Shopify stood out as the ultimate platform that eCommerce owners selected for migration.

Shopify operates super satisfactorily for the eCommerce industry. Firstly, you do not require to bother about the other server costs; it is a part of your strategy and contains more segments such as a key to the software, security, consumer support, and much more. To that result, we would like to bring you through some of the multiple effective defenses to move your eCommerce store to Shopify:

Migrate to Shopify

If you desire at migrating your store to Shopify Plus, you can think of the following scenarios. Manual, aided, or even automated lie as alternatives. However, we always suggest you proceed with a professional as automated migrated solutions will assure that your business does not sorrow at all and only brings the advantages that Shopify Plus entails.
In our experience with Shopify Plus and hosting additional clients on this platform, we have seen that it assists in decreasing the overhead costs. With Shopify as your preference for migration, it certainly would aid your business to evolve alongside the ever-expanding eCommerce industry.

While we have wrapped the technicalities about this platform, in the following area, we will bring you through a list of convincing reasons why your business should shift to Shopify:

A full-fledged app store awaits you

The Shopify App store allows you to integrate a bunch of further functions and components. They have more than two thousand apps that allow you to operate, develop and even kick start your eCommerce business. Some of the attachments we promise contain Mail Chimp, Bold Subscriptions, amongst others. They all have their objectives and are perfect solution providers for many additional business problems. The best part? The app store allows you to browse the attachments based on your industry and gain a theme that fits the feel and glimpse of your business.

A dedicated eCommerce solution

All Shopify servers carry a 99.8% uptime rate on average. It also delivers complete bandwidth, which allows handling the traffic growth. The most important part to note down here is that they have a reliable team for platform maintenance which assists in decreasing the downtime and can assist you to prioritize other business functionalities. With less awareness towards the downtime, you would still be at relief understanding that your business is operating smoothly online, and this is one of the top reasons to migrate to Shopify.

The support team at your disposal

Shopify also has a reliable support team for its authorized clientele. They are open on live chat, phone, and email 24/7, 365 days of the year. As a development agency that has operated on different Shopify clients, we have noticed their proactiveness in troubleshooting platforms and discovering the most comfortable solution while keeping up on time for their consumers. Further, we love their assistance center too! It has different tutorials and resources which allow you to sell products and obtain started on time.


One of the major reasons we keep Shopify Plus is because this cloud-based solution for online stores and the retail point of sales systems has gained a lot of confidence ever since its beginning. It powers over 600,000 business experiences and boasts 82 billion USD in sales. In less than fifteen years, Shopify has affected how eCommerce is shaping up for products. We see quite an increasing number of unique merchants who utilize this tool to host their stores. If you also want to jump on to the powerful bandwagon, here is how we can assist you.

Transparent Fee Structure

Shopify is a fully open and transparent store with different pricing plans. You do not have to trouble about any various bills or be assessed for something unknowingly. While the enterprise pricing arrives with a host of solutions, as an agency- you can depend on Shopify and us to tell you about every dollar paid wisely towards a powerful eCommerce store.

SEO friendly and incredibly beneficial for better ranking

Another main grounds why we firmly recommend migrating to Shopify is because of their powerful SEO game. As you migrate, your product URLs would most certainly change. However, the comfort here is that this will still have no ill impact on your search engine rankings. We provide exceptional awareness to this particular segment.

We assemble the right redirects for the page, underestimate the differences on the page, and then observe the same differences while holding up with your page execution. One of the greatest illusions that support people from migrating to a more suitable platform is the worry of misplacing SEO rankings. But, here is how we peek at the optimistic side. Utilize high-performing keywords, cut out on the length of URL series and utilize a more close and easy directory that allows you up to your SEO game while improving your revenue.

Secure hosting and even more secure transactions

You can consistently depend on Shopify to ensure your hosting and account information. They have invested a considerable amount of money and time providing that their clientele always touches secure. It can be recalled in their Level PCI certification. This industry-leading security tool does not only protect an online store but also entails hosting as well as ensuring the shopping cart.

Ease of scalability

Shopify is set to undertake scalability, which is essential for your business to thrive. The ability of scalability is moving to specify your expansion & success. Shopify Plus, the enterprise-grade solution, is made just for that. Once we create the store for you, you will have an appointed Merchant Success Manager who will assist you define your business plans and position your future change.

There’re other several benefits for switching to Shopify.

Easy To manage from Admin Side: Every eCommerce Owners manage their Store’s Admin Panel without IT Support and Hesitation.

Quick Setup: You can set up your Store easily and quickly.

Shopify Community: The Shopify Community provides discussion forums for merchants, partners, and experts, as well as those looking to learn more about Shopify. You can take part in business conversations, receive support for technical questions from other community members, and learn more about Shopify in general.

The number of Applications Available On Shopify Marketplace: There are several different applications/ Extensions available on Shopify Marketplace, Which you can integrate into your eCommerce store easily.

Number of Themes Available on Shopify Marketplace: There are various themes available with the category on Shopify Marketplace that you can quickly install and start working on your Store.


Speed Of eCommerce Store: You can boost your eCommerce Store speed using Extensions.

Easy To Convert into mobile Applications: You can also convert your eCommerce Store into Mobile applications using Responsive designs. Creating a Responsive store, Your target Customers can easily open from Mobile Apps, Ipad, and any other devices without damaging your Store’s UI.

Low cost Compared to Magento: Shopify takes very low cost for launching your eCommerce store and giving you a server. 

Easy Payment Options: Shopify also gives you default payment options like Apple pay, Amazon pay, PayPal, and many more. Otherwise, you can also integrate your payment methods as per your requirements. 

For whom Shopify is the best?

Shopify is the all-in-one commerce platform to start, run, and grow a business. As you know, Shopify is booming all over the world.
Shopify powers millions of businesses worldwide.

All Business scales create their store on Shopify.
Micro | Small | Medium

Large-scale and enterprise business-scale merchants also assemble their stores in Shopify Plus.


Who is using Shopify & Shopify plus?

As you know, Shopify is booming all over the globe & Every new eCommerce owner firstly prefers Shopify.

Is it easy to migrate From another eCommerce platform to Shopify?

Yes, It is simple and easy to migrate From another eCommerce platform to Shopify.

You can also migrate WooCommerce To Shopify, OpenCart To Shopify, Prestashop To Shopify, and Magento To Shopify.

Your whole Migration process will be easy With Born Techies.



Shopify’s Plan Starts with $29 for new eCommerce businesses.
Most eCommerce merchants take the Plan that starts with $79 for expanding businesses with consistent online sales. Furthermore, the $299 plan is for large-scale merchants With high volume sales.

Shopify Plus’s pricing model is based on usage. It is based on the principle that the more trades you execute, the more assistance and server resources you’ll require.
Furthermore, The minimum fee you can assume to pay for utilizing Shopify Plus as your platform is $2,000 per month, and the bulk of merchants fall in this category. Once you make $800,000 or more per month, the fee returns into a revenue-based model, and you’ll pay 0.25 % of your monthly income.

Where Shopify Is booming?


Shopify is booming all over the globe. As you know, Shopify Plus is a wholly hosted initiative eCommerce platform targeted towards large volume retailers. It’s specifically designed for those quickly expanding businesses that need more excellent features to support growth and a more effective eCommerce store, leaving more time for you to concentrate on your product and your consumers.

Shopify is booming in major countries named below.

  • United States.
  • France.
  • Australia.
  • Russia.
  • Canada.
  • Germany.
  • United Kingdom.

There’re other several advantages to switching to Shopify. Every eCommerce owner’s priority is to create their store in Shopify.

Why eCommerce Owners Prefers Shopify Platform?

  • Easy To Manageable
  • Low Costing 
  • Best Support Team 
  • Various Extensions & Themes are available on Shopify Marketplace
  • Server Provider
  • Security
  • No Worry for Platform Upgradation


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