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We deliver Magento & Shopify E-commerce development and managed support services to retailers and manufacturers worldwide.

How Born Techies Help

Starting & managing an eCommerce company around the globe is more complex than ever & with more brands to choose from in every industry, standing out in an overcrowded eCommerce landscape is rigid. That’s where we come in. With over a decade of eCommerce consulting and development experience, we are here to deliver the best in class 360° Experience in eCommerce that we serve. Providing omnichannel solutions with Custom Theme Designing that is Available anywhere and everywhere

Strategy We Implement

Manifesting an eCommerce strategy is the core of generating a successful business outcome. We analyze the core components of businesses, study the target demography, obtain data, set marketing objectives, and then identify the critical performance market indicators for those objectives to develop into a high-end eCommerce strategy for your business. We’re Building and Executing the perfect strategy for your brand’s eCommerce success.

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Clients & Case Studies

Silk Fred | Location London, UK | Industry Fashion | Platform Shopify

Our Approaches & Solutions
+ Centralised POS with digital commerce integration
+ Wire-framing, and implement in to UI & UX
+ Multi-warehouse inventory management
+ Klaviyo digital marketing automation integration
+ Google Shopping ads & performance optimisation

Outputs | 240% increase in transactions | 350% increase in revenue | 60% increase in users of mobile commerce

Level Shoes | Location Dubai, UAE | Industry Fotwear & Fashion | Platform Magento

Our Approaches & Solutions
+ Multi-stores/languages(RTL Arabic)/currencies.
+ Experience-driven Middle-East & English fashion eCommerce
+ Centralized POS with Omni Channel commerce integration
+ Shoes & Footwear industry-focused product pages UI
+ AI-based quick search results implementation

Outputs | 330% increase in transactions | 450% increase in revenue | 70% decrease in abandoned carts

Foxtale | Location Mumbai, India | Industry Beauty & Skin Care | Platform Shopify

Our Approaches & Solutions
+ Result driven Skin Care eCommerce features for Indian customers
+ Custom UX & UI based product pages which attract more conversions
+ Speed optimisation to open it in less than 2 seconds
+ Artificial Intelligence based chat assistant, ask & get the results quickly
+ Delivery shipping & Razorpay payment methods integrations

Outputs | 200% increase in conversion ratio | 350% increase in transactions | 400% increase in revenue


Cheshire Cheese Company | Location Cheshire, UK | Industry Food & Beverage | Platform Adobe Commerce 2.4

Our Approaches & Solutions
+ Understanding eCommerce behaviour of Cheshire, UK based customers.
+ Wire-framing, and implement in to UI & UX
+ Amazon & eBay integrations
+ Yotpo loyalty reviews setup, New Relic performance monitoring
+ Omni-channel solutions, customers can buy every where, and any where.

Outputs | 130% increase in transactions | 90% increase in revenue | 60% decrease in bounce rate

Mobelaris | Location London, UK | Industry Furniture & Home Decor | Platform Magento

Our Approaches & Solutions
+ UI making for Hand Made Style Designer Furniture
+ Fast buying experience with speedy checkout process
+ Speed optimisation to open the app in less than 2 seconds
+ Advanced AI based search & filters
+ Multi currency & fast shipping integrations

Outputs | 350% increase in mobile users | 230% increase in transactions | 240% increase in revenue

eCommerce Services

eCommerce Store Development

Create your online brand with Born Techies, with the most reliable eCommerce platforms like Adobe Commerce, Magento-2, Shopify, and Shopware with compliant cloud solutions. As a Digital Commerce Agency, we assist in driving satisfaction, growing audiences, and increasing eCommerce sales.

eCommerce Support & Maintenance

It’s not enough to deliver a project to the client. We would also make sure that everything works accurately and the client is satisfied. Talk to an expert about how we could help you offer customers a first-rate eCommerce experience. Our maintenance & support managed services team has delivered services to premium enterprises.

Client Testimonials

We have received a fantastic testimonial from one of the old clients Mr. Andrew Ashley – eCommerce Projects Director at AL & CD Ashley (Pty) Ltd.

About AL & CD Ashley
Founded in 1919, AL & CD Ashley provides a complete solution in South Africa for international brands, enabling the omnichannel brand experience for consumers. They are experts in successfully establishing, marketing, selling, and supporting leading brands in the Southern African market.

Andrew is in connection with us for the last five years (2016 – Continue), we have served many eCommerce projects in this 5 years of journey, eCommerce projects technologies include – Magento-1, Magento-2 & Shopify.

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The online eCommerce store is an efficient and effective tool that quickly makes millions of customers online. Only an eCommerce website with a complete and beautiful design can engage visitors. Moreover, it assists in transforming them into faithful consumers. For generating an audience catchy and engaging eCommerce website, one requires to keep in mind several aspects.

Lastly, videos, white spaces, images, etc., can engage more users to your eCommerce website.

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B2B eCommerce stands for Business to Business Electronic Commerce.

This word binds all companies that make readymade products or services for other businesses. 

Suppose you have a small business and want to work with a B2B company at some point in your eCommerce journey. It is more important to understand – What is B2B?, why it matters to your business, how it works, the future of B2B.

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eCommerce Expo London 2022 – This event is co-located, every time it should change the places but the crowd is same. You don’t have to miss out on the prospect to hear and network with the worlds leading retail speakers at this event. Meet over 300 of the industry’s leading suppliers, delivering services and solutions critical to business strategy and crucial to achieving your 2022 goals. 10k+ retailers, brands, eCommerce agencies, media owners, and technology providers will take part in this event – Meetings, Multi-track conferences, and networking. 

Born Techies is attending this Expo. Let’s Find Some Time and Let’s arrange the meet for the eCommerce talk.

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Retail eCommerce In United Kingdom – eCommerce is the latest mainstream retail trend to hit the UK over the last decade. Even though eCommerce portals have existed for much longer, they have only started seeing mainstream attention over the previous few years. The growth of online shopping in the UK has been staggering in keeping up with the rest of the world. The eCommerce market in the UK is projected to increase by nearly 26 percent between 2021 and 2025 to over £260 billion. It is estimated that 95% of all purchases will leverage eCommerce by 2040. 

From small businesses to large ones, every business needs to undergo digital transformation to gain a competitive edge and sustain itself in the long run.

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