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Career means growth in your passion, your idea implementation, your financial growth, respect, working as a team player, enjoying working together, recognition, securities, relationship, promotions, and more…

We deliver result oriented eCommerce.

Is it matching with your purpose of choosing a career at Born Techies? Yes? You are a match! Glad to welcome you!

Opportunities we have open now.

Project Co-Ordinator ( 5+ Years Experience )

  1. A project coordinator is a varied, fast-paced and challenging role.
  2. Ensure the project is running smoothly, on time and to budget.
  3. Planning, monitoring progress, coordinating meetings.
  4. We expect you to have a relevant degree and/or previous work experience.
    Prior experience as a project coordinator, administrator or personal assistant will stand you in good stead.
  5. Applicants who have professional qualifications will really stand out.
  6. A project coordinator role is suited to someone who can multitask, is highly organised and who can work as a team.
  7. The skills required for the role include leadership, staying calm under pressure, communication and an adeptness in IT, especially in eCommerce.

Team Leader ( 5+ Years Experience )

  1. Set clear team goals and KPIs
  2. Delegate tasks and set project deadlines
  3. Oversee day-to-day teams’ operation and performance
  4. Do regular performance evaluation
  5. Create a healthy and motivating work environment and atmosphere
  6. Develop a well designed and motivating evaluation program
  7. Communicate with teams about their performance
  8. Monitor team performance and report on metrics
  9. Motivate team members, discover training needs and provide coaching
  10. Listen to team members’ feedback and resolve any issues or conflicts
  11. Plan and organize team-building activities

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