5 Reasons to Implement a Customer Loyalty Program to Your eCommerce Store

5 Reasons to Implement a Customer Loyalty Program to Your eCommerce Store

Benefit your faithful consumers and they’ll reward you.

We all want true customers who will purchase from us often, spend big and tell all of their friends to do the similar, right? In some cases, obtaining these ideal customers can take years, hard work, and a lot of money. With a great Customer reliability Program for your store, searching and charging this kind of customer is incredibly simple.
For those of us in the eCommerce empire, executing a consumer loyalty program or app on your site is easy, needs little attempt, and will yield big $$$.

Consumer loyalty programs can offer benefits to customers as a thank you for resumed loyalty. These rewards can attach;
  • Discounts
  • Birthday gifts
  • Access to early sales and promotions
  • Gifts with purchase
  • Access to unreleased products
  • Exclusive access to VIP events
Here are our top 5 reasons why you should implement a Customer Loyalty Program in your eCommerce business.

1.Customer Acquisition
2.Customer Retention
3.Customer Life Time Value
5.Spend Less on Advertising.

1. Customer Acquisition.

These days, customers have unlimited products and brands to select from when purchasing. Loyalty programs outstandingly enlarge the chances of gaining a modern consumer. Presenting a possible consumer the revives of connecting a loyalty program might just be the object that sets you apart from your challengers. The cost of getting your first consumer can be crucial if you’re imbuing money in remarking, and different touchpoint advertising. If you’re presenting a first-time consumer an ideal gift or reward, the cost per addition can be decreased.

2. Customer Retention.

So you’ve got a modern consumer who’s purchased from you once, now what? It’s 60-70% simpler and costs 5-6x less to obtain a surviving consumer to convert than gaining a modern consumer.

Customer Retention

Customer loyalty programs allow you to encourage a first-time customer to become a loyal customer. You can also send replicate consumers ideal rewards to create them feel valued by you as the store owner, which will uplift them to continue to expand in your store.

3. Customer Life Time Value.

Customer Life Time Value (LTV) estimates the possible value or profit a customer can drive into your business over an enlarged period. This key measurement permits businesses to calculate the possible revenue against the cost to obtain that consumer to control the success of their marketing attempts. With a loyalty program, the anticipated amount of money a consumer is likely to occupy in your business or on your products over their lifetime is bigger. As many as 84% of customers say they’re more likely to stick with a brand that proposes a loyalty program. And 66% of consumers say the potential to earn rewards switches their spending behavior.
At the end of the day, enlarging Consumer LTV means more money on your bottom line for years to approach.

4. Referrals

Loyal consumers are more probably to refer your brand or product to their friends and family. According to the envoy, 78% of loyal consumers will endorse your product to friends.


Further to this, 92% of people favor referrals from friends over paid advertising. A common way to include referrals into your loyalty program is by offering your consumer a gift when they refer your product to a friend who then changes.

5. Spend less on advertising

Loyalty programs offer you more awareness into what your consumer wants and how they shop. Most apps permit you to component your loyalty program members in significant ways to your business such as by total waste, rewards tier, acquiring habits, and many more.

Pay less

This means that you will know who your finest consumer is and how to commune with them. Utilizing this precious data you can design more targeted, cost-essential advertising to catches that mirror your finest consumers, and are likely to convert.

In one case study executing a loyalty, the app saw a 58% enlarge in repeat consumers and saved over $1,000 in monthly ad spend.
It’s pretty easy really. Consumers who feel approximate and rewarded are happy, and happy consumers spend more money.


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