A brief summary of B2C eCommerce

A brief summary of B2C eCommerce

B2C eCommerce stands for Business to Customer Electronic Commerce.

Business to Customer follows the procedure of business directly selling products or services to customers without any middle persons. B2C is highly utilized for selling your products and services online through the internet.

Moreover, B2C is also used to determine a Commerce transaction between the business and end customer. 

What is B2C eCommerce?

Ordinarily, this word determines the process of selling products or services directly to the customers, including shopping from the store.

Many of the companies in the globe will be selling their products or services to the customer directly. That’s why it’s called B2C Companies.

B2C became popular in 1990 when it has mainly used by online retailers who sold their products or services directly to customers.

B2C refers to commerce between two or more businesses as a business model.t

How does B2C work?

B2C businesses sell products or services directly to their customers.

A customer can purchase a product or service for personal use online.

Many organizations also sell their product or service which has bought from other businesses. 

For instance: 

If, I’m having a stock market selling company, and I want to create an e-store to sell my services or products online through internet marketing. So, I’ve selected the companies and shortlisted one for that work. And It’s called B2C eCommerce.  

Why is B2C marketing important?

  • Increases website visits –
    You can increase your website visitors through digital marketing and SEO. So, You can also turn your visitors into customers.
  • Assists brands expand their subscriber list –
    The number of leads that visit’s your website visitors and the number of subscribers also goes up.
  • Gives more elegant interactions with consumers –
    You can improve it utilizing the knowledge about the target audience. B2C companies can send pitching messages or offer messages at some time to market their company.
  • Offers businesses greater rankings on search engines –
    You can use your target keywords to increase the position of your website in search results.
  • Expansions conversion and brand awareness –
    B2C marketing plans secure to reach and connects with huge audiences through bulk mails, Digital marketing, and other channels. 
Types of B2C companies

B2C is the most frequently utilized for online retailers and service providers. Moreover, Many businesses run on their business plans and models.

Common types of B2C companies include:
Direct Sellers –

It defines Businesses sell their services or products to directly their target customers. But It’s the most common eCommerce business.

Intermediates –

eCommerce companies offer B2C selling. And Intermediary companies offer their products or services by profitable margins and smaller margins of each sale from vendors.

Advertising-based –

Many eCommerce companies utilize traffic-driving plans like content marketing, social media marketing, paid marketing, and relevant marketing plans for your products or services. 

Community-based –

Community-based businesses utilize similar advertising-based businesses. So, You can set your target audience using your knowledge in your paid marketing for a particular product or service to increase your customer base.

Free-based –

eCommerce businesses need a paid subscription and paid marketing. So, You can market your product or service using SEO keywords, and it will work for search engines. 

B2C Industries –

  • Healthcare 
  • Automative 
  • Advertising
  • Travel 
  • Hospitality 
  • Media 
  • Technology 
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining & Drilling 
  • Logistics 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Education

Benefits Of B2C eCommerce –


Globalization –

You can set your target your audience globally through paid marketing. 

B2C business having a huge target audience. Furthermore, advertisements and marketing campaigns can reach trillions of possible consumers through social media and the internet.

Relatively low cost –

Every company has its policies and one fixed amount for its product or service prices. They should not negotiate over that for the services and products. But they will cut it down on operational and physical infrastructure costs.

Customer Personalization –

B2C businesses can directly market their products & services to customer segments. And They will be permitting companies to personalize their marketing using target audience for individual customers.

Direct Customer Experience –

Every customer has a different experience. At some point, you had appreciated by clients, and at some points, you have to learn something from your client’s experience. 

Customer Data –

Customer data is valuable for every company. And They should not disclose it to anyone. Like – Sales Conversion statistics, Customer behavior, Analytics, Email addresses for Automation, Marketing Strategy.       

B2C Marketing Channels –

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Marketing like- PPC, Google Adwords

Disadvantages of B2C eCommerce –

There are Four disadvantages of B2C eCommerce. 

  1. Plenty of strain to sustain and increase in a cut-throat race.
  2. The website requires to be competent in controlling various orders at once.
  3. The base value of orders holds the margin lower than the B2B website.
  4. It is hard to prepare constant customers and requires investing deeper in online marketing.

Conclusion –

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