Basic eCommerce & Result Oriented

We e-meet 7-10 eCommerce entrepreneurs a week to understand their business before we make their eCommerce project.

A common question we ask – do you want a features-oriented online store OR a result-oriented?

From customers, common answer – result-oriented, where they can generate sales from their online store, of course 🙂

We reply – for result-oriented – let’s focus on basic commerce & a system where users can complete their purchase journey where they feel happy buying experience.

When we buy a product, mainly we check product information, price comparison, the favorite payment method is available, faster shipping, and easy returns. At that time do we focus on which additional features the eCommerce app has? No!

Most eCommerce entrepreneurs think, 1st build the eCommerce project, then we will use it to generate sales. Here, they jump into the “Trap” of feature-oriented eCommerce. After 1-2 years when they will actually figure out, and found no results.

Does it mean, they should not focus on features? They must, but when the system requires. How to find “when”? Consult with your eCommerce partner who is helping you to build the projects because they must understand your business. But, basic commerce first.

Now, your burning question is – do we really help our customers with the same?
100%, our main focus is consulting with the right approach.