Black Friday eCommerce-Strategies to Increase Sales in 2021

Black Friday eCommerce-Strategies to Increase Sales in 2021

The preparation has begun, but there’s a quiet time to optimize your 2021 Black Friday eCommerce transactions approach.
We’re awaiting another record-breaking year for holiday eCommerce purchases. “Smart shoppers advise to prefer online shopping, and while the enterprises themselves might not be as necessary on Cyber Monday as on Black Friday, the popular tends to achieve more steady revenue for merchants.”
Are your team and eCommerce Store ready to boost business and transactions on all specific expected dates?

Two of the most important shopping events of the year are quickly approaching: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are indeed the two most suitable events to increase your sales but also to manage consumer data. That being said, you must come up with the fittest Black Friday marketing campaign that will assist you in reaching out to the crowd during this busy time of year and get as many extra sales as possible. Have a look, be motivated for your subsequent marketing actions, and if you want more plans to leverage this period, contact us!

To assist you in developing your strategy, we’ve classified Black Friday eCommerce advice to protect your time and switch more purchasers in 2021.

  1. Most successful Black Friday campaigns
  2. Create a master plan for Black November
  3. Optimize for mobile-first buying
  4. Improve your site navigation
  5. Simplify the checkout experience
  6. Launch more campaigns faster
  7. Automate front and backend productivity
  8. Invest in post-Black Friday loyalty
  9. Arrange a Black Friday shipping and returns plan
  10. Go IRL with pop-up shops

Most successful Black Friday Campaigns

As one of the most important sales days of the year and the positive signal of the holiday season, Black Friday is customers’ heaven. Obtain out how popular brands captivated their audiences and fire up your upcoming campaigns.

Create A Master Plan For Black November

Several retailers create increasing their sales a month or so before Black Friday. So, you’ll need to determine your promotions throughout what is now introduced as “Black November.”

Optimize For Mobile-First Buying

Mobile optimization is the method of obtaining your eCommerce store’s adaptability on mobile device screens. The ways to optimize the eCommerce store for mobile devices benefit from design and development strategies to customize your eCommerce store content and components to continue quickly between different mobile devices.

This hassle-free and constant browsing of stores on each device presents the audience with a pleasanter user occurrence and delights and involves them to get the expected call to action on your eCommerce store.

Mobile optimization is vital for eCommerce stores or online shopping sites. It includes a significant part of delivering the best consumer journey – from seamless product browsing, liking, and making a quick buying judgment.


Why Is Mobile Optimization Necessary For Your eCommerce Store?

The core belief of mobile optimization is ADEC – Attract- Delight – Engage – Convert.

We won’t go into the statistics and numbers because it’s a given – Mobile is the game-changer. It’s transforming the way we spend and involve with content online. Mobile has – and remains to – change how we perceive things done.

Mobile helps users make quick purchasing decisions. 70% of users have researched and analyzed products they planned to buy using their smartphones and then purchased the said products.

Optimizing your eCommerce stores for mobile designs will magnify the rate of user achievement, smoothen the compensation gap, boost performance, and sequentially obtain the exchange rate. You’ll explore specific ways to optimize your Shopify store or any eCommerce store for mobile.

Improve Your Website’s Navigation

Modernizing your on-site search functionality will support consumers to steer your Store immediately to gain holiday presents. Likewise, 80% of visitors will abandon a site because of an alarming on-site search occurrence.

Before the holiday rush, obtain an imminent search tool that grants:

  • Real-time analytics: To assist you in understanding trends and performance with extensive real-time analysis.
  • Instant, accurate search results: To engage consumers who are almost twice as likely to convert when using the site search.
  • Storefront customization flexibility: To utilize search as an expansion of your brand by regulating overall search styling.

Shopify Plus users can also attach imminent exploration to their theme utilizing the Ajax API.

Simplify The Checkout Experience

Optimizing the checkout method is essential to increase revenues and provide consumers with a pleasanter occurrence on your eCommerce store. You can improve site conversion by squeezing several elements in your checkout method without acquiring additional marketing costs.


As you run your online eCommerce store, you must monitor your revenue and repeat purchases to determine how you are fairing. On income matters, you want to see the conversion rate, extension, and trend overtime to assure you are gaining optimum returns from your users. Inappropriate, you want to examine and optimize the checkout process to obtain the highest revenues.

Launch More Campaigns Faster

You have the purpose for a splendid marketing campaign! But it needs to be launched fastly for it to show results. You require the development team about their availability to do the landing page. No, they have too much on their plate, as an effective campaign is already in the pipeline for the different departments!

If only the eCommerce store’s CMS weren’t so complicated, you remember! You could have launched the campaign yourself. The backend is straightforward enough to manage, but the latest Gatsby front-end executes the stuff involved. You want the developer team!

You can also run digital marketing campaigns, PPC campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and run Google AdWords. So, you can get more leads and boost your sales. Through these many strategies, you can launch your campaign fastly and get the results.

Automate Front And Backend Productivity

eCommerce automation tools like “Shopify Flow” let you automate nearly any customer-facing or back-office procedure you can imagine. You can also save and perform triggers, conditions, and actions you stipulate without any coding.

Merchants can, therefore, automate business tasks for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so as:

  • Customer service
  • Fraud prevention
  • Design and development requests
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing and advertising 
  • Managing inventory

Shopify Flow allows a library of pre-made workflow templates that you can utilize to automate multiple business methods.
For instance, you can send browser push notifications after a consumer executes a second-order, create support tickets after a negative consumer review, and send a win-back email to “at-risk” consumers. All Flow templates can be customized on your own in ten seconds or fewer.
Since automation works so well with dedication programs, let’s look at other ways to turn Black Friday into a loyalty-boosting opportunity.

Invest In Post-Black Friday Loyalty

The aim of shifting from retail to online and mobile, begun by the pandemic, will continue through Black Friday in 2021. Still, eCommerce-centric shopping holidays like Cyber Monday are unlikely to top Black Friday in terms of resources. The latter is a shopping holiday that helps online and offline sales.


Loyalty plans are excellent consumer retention tools that assist you in changing consumer behavior and managing any business purpose you want. Launching one demands time, though, which is why you should begin working on your idea high before Black Friday.

One plan a loyalty plan can increase your Black Friday marketing tact is via reward allocation. With a loyalty method, consumers must gain an initial purchase to redeem a discount you’d hand out cart balance otherwise.

The other driving factor is the rewards. Move ahead coupons: shoppers want something significant or experiential.

Arrange A Black Friday Shipping And Returns Plan

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), “61% of purchasers intend to purchase their ultimate present in the week leading up to December 25.” To capitalize on this occasion, eCommerce merchants require to have a substantial last-minute shipping arrangement.

You have to prepare to ship and return rules as per your company policy and add them to your eCommerce Store’s policy page.

Go IRL With Pop-Up Shops

While online transactions sailed last Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers entirely consumed billions at online retail stores, even with the more potential year-over-year extension. eCommerce businesses can utilize pop-up shops to engage with and market to consumers in a retail setting through the holidays.


Ready or not? Black Friday eCommerce is coming.

Is your eCommerce store ready for the most significant retail event of the year? While online holiday sales are demanded to continue to climb, there’s no guarantee that your site will receive the benefits.

You require a Black Friday strategy that considers everything—from mobile site speed and performance to integrated online and offline promotions to shipping and contingency plans for unexpected issues and stockouts.

We wish you a wonderfully thriving Black November, and we’re here to answer any questions you have beginning up to the main event.

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