Christmas sales issues to be fixed in 2022.

Christmas sales issues to be fixed in 2022.

Christmas is coming! We all know that your store is ready to jingle the bell!!! Every eCommerce store owner, whatever their business comes in micro, small, medium, and large scale, will run their store without hesitation for the holiday season. Online shopping is booming in Christmas sales because eCommerce merchants will give offers, discounts, and gifts. They’ll increase their sales growth in this holiday season. In that days, eCommerce merchants have to analyze their customers. Sometimes customers will come to your store, not fulfilling their expectations. Then they’ll go from your store and choose another eCommerce store that meets their expectations.

eCommerce merchants have to analyze their customers, sales, and their expectations. They have to note down their customers’ issues and implement them after the holiday season in 2022. eCommerce feature implementation is to make your customer’s journey hassle-free. For a better customer experience, you need to improve your store.

eCommerce Customer Journey

Understand how users behave in your store, what they need, and how they feel fast.
For example, the new user comes to your eCommerce store, they have visited your site, but they didn’t purchase anything from your store and go away from your store in Christmas sale. There’re many tools available for checking the customer journey – on which page they’ll go and shows the full customer journey.

You can also get the below things using tools.

  • Heatmaps
  • Visitor recordings
  • Conversion funnel reports
  • Form analysis
  • Feedback polls
  • Surveys

Tools you can use:

  • Hotjar
  • Statusbrew
  • Qualtrics

Hotjar, and other sources like Google Analytics, provide the data-driven basis for our recommendations to improve conversion rates and website user experience.

eCommerce Server Monitoring

There are two types of servers: a self-hosted server and the second one is a cloud-hosted server. It depends on eCommerce merchants which one server they want to use. There’s lots of traffic on your eCommerce store in the Christmas season because everyone is purchasing online nowadays from different eCommerce stores.
Do online purchasers stick to your store? Then note it down in your notes and make it done in 2022.

There’re many various tools available to check real-time server performance. Tools will check the performance of your server.

Tools you can use:

  • Loadninja
  • Neotys Neoload
  • Blazemeter
  • Load impact

UX Designs

When customers land on the landing page to purchase what they want in the Christmas rush, first and foremost, they have to scroll the webpage and see the designs of your eCommerce store. Furthermore, they’ve checked the products and descriptions. If it is attractive and fulfills their needs, they will purchase it. If your design isn’t appealing, eye-catchy, and based on your brand, then they will go away from your store whatever offer you’ll give they didn’t purchase it from your eCommerce store. If you want to reframe your design after Christmas, then note it down in your notes and contact us for that.

For example, the customer will land on your home page to purchase what they need, whether from mobile. Your design is not responsive and fits their device. The customer will go away from your store.

Quick Checkout

Some visitors visit your eCommerce store for a quick shopping in a Christmas sale. You have to assume your customer’s expectations – why they come and leave your eCommerce store. You need to configure one-step checkout functionality for quick checkout. If you want to implement it contact us for that.


For example, When customers come to your eCommerce store to purchase something they need. If you have not integrated that functionality, customers can not purchase quickly and away from the eCommerce store. It can be a bad impact on your eCommerce store. You have to note down this and implement it when you want to implement it.


As you know, It is a necessary part for every eCommerce store merchant to integrate it. Every merchant has combined the best payment method in their eCommerce store. But as you know, there’re lots of payment options available, but still, you’re providing basic payment options. But your customer wants another payment option you’ll not offer; then your customer will go away without purchasing any product. So, You have to note down the other payment options you have to integrate after the Christmas season to build your customer’s trust & boost your sales.

For example, When your customer will redirect to payment gateway. You have integrated the Basic payment options like- Credit/debit cards, Net Banking, Cash on delivery, and wallets. But your customer will find Google Pay, Pay Later, and PayPal. They didn’t see it, and they will run away without purchasing any products.


In the Christmas season, your customer wants support from your support team. There is various type of support, but you have only integrated the basic support such as Email and call.


For example, When your customers are stuck in purchasing and payment failure. They need quick support, but you have integrated the Email and call facility. But in this era, there are many options available to customize, such as live chatbot, Ticket generation, FAQ. When they don’t get quick support, they will never shop again. So, Depending on customer expectations, you need to improve your support system because customer support will build trust and boost your sales.


Online shopping is booming in the Christmas season because merchants will give offers, gifts, and discounts. Shopping Rush is very high. At that time, Many merchants have integrated shipping methods, and some are not integrated. There is lots of option in the shipping method. Like- Fastest delivery, One-day Delivery, Selection of Delivery timings, and Tracking details.


For Example, When your customer is redirected to the checkout page, You’ve integrated the basic shipping method without any option, only using show tracking status. But your customer wants the fastest or one-day delivery option, which they didn’t find. They’ll go away from your store and purchase the same thing from another store so that you’ve to note down these things and implement them after the Christmas season.


Displaying customer reviews on your store is significant in establishing trust with your new customers – which means more sales for you in the Christmas season!
Reviews are also authenticated, so your future consumers have ensured that the reviews are real and left by previous customers who have bought the product.
Many consumers will automatically look for social proof that product reviews are commonplace, especially on larger eCommerce stores. So, if your eCommerce site doesn’t have consumer reviews, you’re likely to miss out on profitable business. You need to note down your to-do list and Configure the plugins in your eCommerce store.


For instance, Your eCommerce store is boosting your sales. But some of your modern visitors will purchase from your store, seeing product reviews and customer reviews. You have not configured the review plugin, and then you can lose new visitors.


Are you suffering from that kind of difficulty? Are your visitors going away from your store without purchasing any things? Do you want to implement new features?
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