Difference between Shopify & Shopify Plus

Difference between Shopify & Shopify Plus

Shopify potentials thousands of eCommerce stores and supplies merchants of all sizes powerful tools to control and scale their businesses. For fast-enlarging merchants, there will approach a point in time when they will require to contemplate Shopify vs Shopify Plus. At that point, Appreciating the key divergence, price points, and welfares will be reproving in creating the finest decision for their business. 

From a high-level outlook, the main divergent is that Shopify is for tiny to medium eCommerce businesses while Shopify Plus is aimed at enterprises. The huge majority of merchants will begin out with the normal Shopify services for their store but once a store begins to enlarge, that’s when it’s crucial to understand how Shopify Plus can welfare the business. 

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What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is for venture merchants with a huge monthly volume of sales. These are progressing to be well-accepted venture businesses or well-capitalized outsets with notable resources to start a modern store. Shopify Plus supplies these enterprises with extra assets and customizations and can assist smaller the total cost for ownership by authorizing them to control the huge volume of business with a tiny team. Primarily, Shopify Plus enhances the turnkey eCommerce spouse for these companies.

The graphical and basic capabilities are similar to Shopify, but there are strong trademarks assemble for enterprise business forms.

What are the key differences?

Shopify is a highly desired eCommerce platform, but there’s also their premium benefaction called Shopify Plus. 

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s venture solution for fast-enlarging businesses. It’s obtained some astonishing attributes that Shopify doesn’t supply on its smaller pricing plans.

Key differences

Online retailers may have difficulty of whether to select the systematic Shopify plans or the modern Shopify Plus.

In this blog, we’ll huge dive into these two famous Shopify offerings, how they collate, and we’ll assist you to control which one is right for your business.

General Benefits of using the Shopify Platform

Anyway of whether you utilize Shopify or Shopify Plus, here are some key welfares of utilizing the Shopify platform:


  • Hurry Setup: It is exceptionally simple to obtain up and flowing. Shopify’s builder is easy and instinctive and needs no coding knowledge.
  • Entry to Data and Analytics: To create decisions that propel your organization to the finest heights, you need an approach to data. Shopify secures that applicable data and analytics are fastly attainable.
  • Multi-Currency Help: It’s not sufficient to just start your online store. Selling on two marketplaces can almost dual your money, and Shopify has multi-channel abilities.
  • Multi-Channel for Sales: Shopify secures you to sell on online marketplaces and social media.
Additional Attributes that you obtain with Shopify Plus

Shopify plus pricing tier offers you all the traits you’d obtain from the Shopify plan plus some extra capabilities. Here are some modern attributes that you obtain with the Shopify Plus plan:

1.Committed start Engineer (Customer Success Manager):

After you sign up for the plus strategy, Shopify allocates a committed starts engineer to assist describe timelines, roles, and commitments over your team, third-party agencies, and Shopify Plus Partners. The launch engineer also assists in conventional technical identifications and outlines your specific business fights with possible solutions.

2.Customizable Checkout with greater control

Shopify Plus also provides customizable checkout choices to personalize your eCommerce occurrence. The Script Editor obtains you granular power, and you can customize shipping procedures, custom fields, and payment choices. That’s not the case with Shopify – you’ll require third-party apps to customize the checkout occurrence.

3.Access to Advanced Native Shopify apps

Shopify Plus consumers obtain approach to some complete Shopify apps (Designed for high-growth merchants) that aren’t attainable to systematic Shopify customers::

Shopify Flow: Shopify Flow is an eCommerce industrialization platform that assists you to recover your time and center on enlarging your business. With Flow, it’s simple to automatize tasks and plans within your store and over your apps. 

Organization Administration: The Shopify organization admin is an improvement to the excellence of Shopify admin. It allows you to use it as an organization by controlling tools that influence various stores at one time. 

Launchpad: Launchpad is a timetabling tool that lives inside your Shopify admin permitting you to schedule products perceptibly, Shopify Scripts, themes, discounts, and more with an explained begin and end time.

Script Editor: Shopify Scripts are tailored written in Ruby that permit you to make personalized consumer occurrences. Utilizing line item, shipping, and payment scripts you can contrivance custom logic and tailor the user occurrence during a consumer’s checkout journey.

Transporter: The Transporter app is part of a train of tools that creates it simpler to resettle online stores from other platforms to Shopify Plus.

Bulk Account Inviter: An easy, two-click tool to send bulk email requests to your consumers.

4.Workable APIs for custom combinations:

Shopify Plus supplies you with extra API calls that let you unification with custom apps. The following API assets can be utilized by Shopify Plus merchants only:

GiftCard: A gift card is a different payment method. Every gift card has an ideal code that is undertaken during checkout. Its balance can be justified over collective checkouts

Multipass: Multipass login is for store owners who have a different website and a Shopify store. It reorients users from the website to the Shopify store and smoothly logs them in with the similar email address they utilized to sign up for the native website.

User: The User assets let you recover information about staff accounts on a Shopify shop.

5.Merchant Success Program

The Merchant Success Program assists you to obtain the most value out of Shopify Plus. This program assists you describe a clear roadmap for your aims—then attaches you with the right support and teaching to grip you there. You obtain access to support and online courses in key business areas concerning Shopify and its ecosystem.

6.Unlimited Shopify Staff Accounts

Shopify Plus also supplies you with limitless staff accounts to permit you to enlarge your personnel without the risk of extra costs, unlike standard Shopify plans. Extra permission settings for more management over the actions your staff can extract in your Shopify admin, attaching different report export assents, and permissions to specific apps are also attainable in this tier.

7.Membership to premium Shopify communities

Being part of the Shopify Plus tier also allows you to approach some complete Shopify groups:

  • Membership to the Shopify Plus Community on Facebook to share plans and occurrences with other high-volume merchants
  • Entry to the Shopify Plus Academy for self-guided teaching on key topics related to enlarging your business
  • Entry to technology, agency, and solution partners with Shopify Plus Partner Program.
  • Sneak peek into Complete beta programs to preview and affect the product roadmap of Shopify Plus.
8.Different Wholesale change:

Shopify Plus allows you access to a wholesale channel that lets you make a difference, password-protected wholesale store. With this quality, you can offer similar products at aggressive prices to wholesale buyers. You can also list extensively only products or services.

Disadvantages of Using Shopify Vs Shopify Plus
Shopify Cons:
  • Maximum your team or staff accounts to 15
  • Attributes are limited for huge companies creating 1-2 million annual assets
  • You can add only 8 locations
  • Third-party calculated shipping rates are not available
Shopify Plus Cons:
  • It is not suitable for content-rich websites. Preferably create for eCommerce websites and not controlling blogs or informational websites
  • Backend customization is not possible. Although it is very pliable and customizable, though, you cannot personality the code of the website. Whatever small changes you can do are done through the front-end supplied by Shopify
  • Expensive as compared to Shopify
When to Use Shopify Vs Shopify Plus

At what point in your business enlarge do you require to begin considering Shopify vs. Shopify Plus?

When to use

Nearly every business will begin out utilizing the standard Shopify services. It attaches anything you require to commence, control, and increase your eCommerce business. The design and layout of the website are tailored. You can control inventory, sales, shipping, and reports through an easy-to-utilize admin panel. It is cloud-based and hosted for your comfort.

Shopify & Shopify Plus: Pricing

Shopify pricing begins at a bottom overall price component than Shopify Plus. Shopify’s pricing is mainly listed on their website, whereas Shopify Plus only supplies pricing quotes during sales conversion. Let’s have a near look at Shopify’s standard pricing plans:

Basic Shopify: This pricing plan has all the basics for beginning a modern eCommerce business. Hustled features/services attach Online Store, limitless products, 2 staff accounts, 24/7 support, Manual orders, Discount codes, and free SSL certificates. Cost: $29 per month.

Shopify: The Shopify plan is finest suited for an enlarging medium-sized business. It attaches anything in the Basic Shopify plan plus attributes like gift cards and salaried reports. You can make up to 5 staff accounts in this tier. Cost: $79 per month.

Advanced Shopify: The ordered Shopify tier begins with advanced qualities that assist businesses scale. It attaches anything in the Shopify plan plus aspects like advanced report builder, Third-party planned shipping rates, etc. You can build up to 10 staff accounts in this tier. Cost: $299 per month.

Shopify also provides Shopify Lite, a dashboard that lets you sell your products on Facebook. The cost for this is $9 per month and is finest suited for traders who only want to sell their products on social media. Shopify also has a complete pricing plan – Shopify Gold – for huge ventures based in India.

Shopify Plus supplies more customization, accessibility, and huge-order volume opportunities perfect for merchants with million-dollar assets. Therefore, Shopify Plus comes in at a huge price point.


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