Highlights Of Meet Magento Singapore 2022

Highlights Of Meet Magento Singapore 2022

Meet Magento is one of the largest annual eCommerce event series,
Which is assembled in 40+ countries – Such as the USA, Spain, Singapore, UK, India, etc. In 2022, The global Magento-centric event #MM22SG is held on 25th August at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The main aim of #MM events is to bring eCommerce developers, business owners, and merchants to the same place to understand what is happening in the eCommerce world.

As a result, the event was a big hit with 750+ attendees, 25+ speakers, and 200+ community members. We’re happy to tell you that Mr. Jaydeep (CEO – Born Techies) attended this event. He went to the city of eCommerce Singapore for three days and the MM#22SG. Let’s take a look at what he has done in 3 days.


Mr. Jaydeep (CEO – Born Techies) attended the event Meet Magento Singapore for a whole day.
Meet Magneto Singapore 2022 arranged the experienced speakers to present their innovative solutions and eCommerce talk about the Magento technology.

Let’s have look at the eye-catching sessions presented at Meet Magento Singapore.

Why evolution is essential for the online business?

You must know about Vatsal Shah.
He is a director in the board of Magento Association.
He’s an eCommerce expert, Business Coach, and consultant who has helped many eCommerce businesses and owners to grow in the modern digital world. You have seen him at many events of Magento.

In this event’s session, He’s presented many points about ” Why evolution is essential for the online business?” He talked about changing shoppers’ preferences, rising demands, and competition after Covid-19 with great examples- Such as JurassicWord, and some graphics. In the below photograph, You’ll see how great examples are given to him and how smoothly they are presented. He also covered some points regarding Digital commerce – Such as POS, Custom-coded legacy software / Store Automation, Monolith, Mobile-First, and Headless / Composable – Retail Transformation. He also detailed the significance of technologies like headless commerce, BOPIS, AI, and AR/VR that enterprises can utilize to keep up with the demand.
It Was Amazing Session and Thank you for this great Session!!!

Cyber Security & Protection Strategies

Kalarav Vasavada is a certified scrum master and expert business practitioner with more than 14 years of experience in the eCommerce Industry. 

In the session, He discussed Cyber Security & Protection Strategies with Adobe Commerce in detail. He has also discussed the significance of penetration testing, encryption, commerce applications, and payment gateway integrations in Adobe Commerce. 

Another great session, Full of great insights by Kalrav

Thank You So Much Kalrav!!!

#supermageman talking about the Modular Composable commerce Architecture in detail and customer success. MACH Architecture is part of Modular Composable Commerce. You can go through this blog page and know more about Mach Architecture and Monolithic. He’s also explaining the advantages of Modular Composable Commerce.
Such as – Continuous Deployment, Rapid release of new features, Independently scalable, Flexible ready to use products, and Lower cost Ownership.
We’re glad to have you in Meet Magento Singapore 2022. We’re happy to have you in every year! Thank you so much for being at this event for the eCommerce Talk.

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Business is a top priority rather visiting the tourist places of Singapore. That’s why he has arranged meetings with existing and new clients the know more about their eCommerce prospects and views.
One day, he had a meeting with the existing clients and the second day with the new clients.
You can see the photos of the client meets below.

They have talked about eCommerce, eCommerce business development strategies, eCommerce Prospects, Technology, eCommerce Scope, and Client requirements. Apart from this, Mr. Jaydeep (CEO – Born Techies) has explained the services in detail and how BornTechies achieve eCommerce goals.

Wrap up

Meet Magento Singapore 2022 was a hit event – As you know the statistics above. Exploring the eCommerce knowledge from the expert speakers, and fantastic discussions. There are three things that are beneficial for us to visit at this event. To meet new clients and Existing clients, and the best thing is to meet Magento Community. If you have any queries for Magento Commerce. Please let us know, and feel free to contact us.

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