Online Customer Reviews – Ultimate Salesperson For eCommerce

Online Customer Reviews – Ultimate Salesperson For eCommerce

For eCommerce enterprises, positive online reviews have become the definitive gold benchmark in social proof. They are the first port of call for customers, often before they get your store or even know your brand. eCommerce reviews are becoming more and more dominant every year, with real platforms dedicated to their advertisement.  

As we’ll present throughout this post, reviews have become a vital cog in the sales machine for basically every eCommerce on the planet. If you like to learn how to leverage reviews for more success and more increased revenue, this is the place to begin.  

Types Of Reviews In eCommerce

Types of Reviews in eCommerce

You can give your review in many types.


Image: You can give a review using images of which products you got from the eCommerce store. It will impact well on another customer for surety of product.

Video: For online shoppers, Video is most suitable for them. Because they don’t have too much time to read reviews and all. they mostly prefer vlogs before purchasing the product and it’s very helpful to them.

Text: You can put your review as a textbase like: ” good product, good quality and many more.” It can be worthful for another buyer to purchase the product.

Rating: Nowadays Rating is a trend for every eCommerce store owner. When you have got the product from any eCommerce store at that time you will show the rating screen like 5 stars drawn on the screen. You’ve to fill this starts whatever ranking you want to give out of 5.

Importance of Reviews in eCommerce


The significance of reviews in eCommerce cannot be stretched. There is now a substantial lack of trust in conventional advertising: we no longer judge anything just because a brand says it’s correct, and many of us shop with powerful cynicism. Online shopper reviews have become the modern word of mouth: rather than trusting the seller, we turn to associate customers and purchase based on their occurrences.  

And to back up the view, we know that in 2021 an astonishing nine out of ten online consumers conferred reviews before creating a purchase, and 76% of shoppers implicitly depend on reviews they read online.  

So, let’s take a look at what drives highly-visible, favorable online reviews so strong for affecting sales, as well as how and where to curate your reviews, what hitches to bypass, and how to manage unfavorable reviews.

Advantages of Online Reviews for eCommerce

It may appear genuine that online reviews impact enterprises and direct them to more deals, but it’s worth analyzing some of the prior and additional explanations. You’ll begin to discover why considerations recreate such a virtual eCommerce store in the world.

Honest Understanding into Outcomes

People want to know if the products they’re considering fit their requirements. In the Fan & Fuel survey, 37% of respondents said the main item they look for in online reviews are elements that allow them to comprehend if the product/service is right for them. That taught to all other explanations for reading assessments. 

Build Trust

Another advantage to reviews is they can assist display the company in a favorable light. People are used to buying outcomes from regular vendors like Amazon. If they’re in a separate store, they may be uncertain. “Will the product reach fast?” “What if I require to replace it?” In unfamiliar territory, customers require to comprehend that other customers have had favorable occurrences. As an outcome, they’ll read product reviews and online business reviews to create sure everything seems right. Online reviews from an essential belief factor for consumers.

Boost Traffic Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you own an eCommerce store or work for a business that trades products and services online, you may be required an impact on eCommerce SEO marketing. It boosts traffic to the store by enhancing its visibility of it on search engines like the Google Adword SEO tool also called SEO rankings. Compete for search keywords that apply to your store, and you’ll attract more traffic and deals to the enterprise. 

Our tips for obtaining authentic consumer reviews

Ask instantly to your buyers

At a certain time post-purchase, you can politely reach out to consumers and ask, if they’re loving the product, to kindly leave you a review. This can be handled in various ways:  

  • A link to a superficial star-rating and comments box 
  • A survey examining for more details 
  • An interview, if you’re peeking for fleshed out or video testimonials 
Make it comfortable

Whichever opportunity you select, create it as comfortable as feasible for consumers to react. Don’t propel them to complete accounts, follow loads of associations, or dedicate more than an occasional minute of their time. The more limitations you place in place, the more consumers will give up, even if they love the yield.

Ask open-ended questions

The most harmful reviews reach from yes/no questions. If you ask, “Did you love the product?” and they say “Yes”, what does that give you? Rather, you should ask questions that need consumers to fast elaborate and deliver detail:  

  • What do you love about this product?  
  • What surprised you about this product?  
  • Tell us any problems you had acquiring this product and how well they were fixed.   
Target benefited consumers, when feasible

The most seducible moment for any shopper is instantly after they indicate happiness. A powerful technique for obtaining excellent reviews is surveying consumers personally after a buy:  

  • If you obtain a positive response—They’ve indicated they’re happy and ready to interact with the brand, so facilitate leaving a general consideration.  
  • If you obtain a negative response—Ask what you can reasonably, what issues they’ve included, or how you dropped short of their expectations. Utilize this as fuel to enhance your offering and, if you manage the problems, request a review in the future.  
Say thank you

The consumer is propelling sales —be appreciative! Reply publicly so customers see you as a visionary company, but then come out personally to provide a big, truthful thank you to the consumer. It will solidify your significant relationship and costs you nothing but a few minutes.

How to fetch reviews from consumers

Likely the most significant blunder eCommerce brands create is thinking that buyers will unaffectedly pass a review. The truth is that only exceptional cases will escape reviews impulsive—that means mind-blowingly delighted consumers, but also the red-in-the-face angry ones.  

If we reach a level more resonant, however, something obtains more subtle.  

The significance of genuine reviews 

You want as many 5-star reviews as feasible, right? Well… it turns out that as many as 60% of buyers are put off by an item with 100% 5-star reviews. They say it touches false or less accurate. Shoppers worry that they’re reading fake reviews for a disappointing product if there’s not a single sub-perfect understanding.  


But the issue isn’t just the number of leads; it’s how they’re provided. For instance, take the subsequent 5-star reviews:  

  • “Excellent item, fantastic condition, does exactly what I require. Would recommend.” 
  • “Such an excellent product, customer care is incredible, everything is wonderful.” 

When a company pumps out artificial reviews, you can usually tell: they’re generic, ideal, impartial, and don’t feel reasonable.   

Authentic reviews are usually precise and call out special occurrences that not every consumer would have.

As well as well-rounded comments, you can attach integrity to your online reviews with: 

  • Photos – Photos of the items entirely make the review more credible; so you may believe attaching this prospect or working with review platforms that deliver it out-of-the-box. 
  • Verified buy – Some businesses utilize a validation system to control spammers from publishing fake reviews. While this is usually to save themselves from bad reviews, the system also works to secure only real customers leave useful reviews too. 

Which Extensions you can use for review in your eCommerce store?


There’re many extensions available in the Shopify app store and Magento app store for Product reviews. You can Integrate that extension for getting a review of your products.

Extension names:
Ali Reviews


Reviews are the word of mouth of 2021. It’s also true that trendy eCommerce platforms make merging studies extremely effortless—from solicitation to configuration, moderation, and placing them on the store. There’s very small work needed on your end other than being courteous and sensible, creating reviews is one of the easiest and most persuasive sales weapons in your arsenal.

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