Thirteen long years into eCommerce development, We can’t conclude sensible about the first custom eCommerce application. The extremely upcoming year in 2008 was when we clutch a step ahead with Magento1 and clutch onto it for fully a longer time. As a keen spectator of the trends in eCommerce development, We have seen many platforms that would approach and go. But it was a few years ago that we beat a triad with the German-based eCommerce platform named Shopware. However Shopware 5, a developed system, resumes to rule as the top eCommerce platform in Germany, it was the modern version Shopware 6 that we fell in love with!

Erect on a recent technology load with Symfony as the core framework, an admin side graphical with Vue.js, a delicate frontend with Twig template engine and Bootstrap, an API with unlimited elasticity, Shopware6 is anything you could ask for! This headless application is divined to be the modern high thing in the eCommerce development industry.

The causes for Shopware6 being my distinctive favorite are recorded below:
1. Shopping experience and content management system

The current eCommerce business flourishes on how you tell your story and assemble a spiritual connection with the consumers. This has a crucial role in sales conversions. The shopping occurrence section, built with the strong CMS in Shopware 6 does this.

Shopping Experience

provided with a new content management system, that is very user-friendly permits any person without even a practical background to design beautiful landing pages or shop pages on it. assemble easy with drag-and-drop attributes to attach text images, forms, product lists, or even custom components designed by you, it delivers a beautiful frontend that was losing on Magento.

2. Catalog management

The simple to design products and alternatives will clutch you by surprise. Vue.js does its magic with various data and conditions obtaining saved on the go! This authorizes users to make modern products and their alternatives without the require for page reloading.

Catalogue management

3. Moderate of making rules such as shipping rules

I haven’t seen such a simple way to make rules and conditions on any eCommerce platform to date. You can make any out-of-the-box rule with a rapidly instinctive user interface. For instance, with shipping rules, the graphical permits you to define what your rules are based on. If it is cart total you can choose that and set a value for it. You can attach more conditions with AND/OR cases. Pretty straightforward, yet goes the additional mile!

4. Rapid plugin growth


Shopware 6 has previously made a mark in the eCommerce development industry. The Shopware partners and plugin creators have left no stone unturned in seizing this occasion! Plugins are being developed at a quick pace and are pouring down into the Shopware 6 Store, which has sufficient plugins for usual webshop operations already.

5. Sales channels

Shopware 6 assists users to fabricate divergent sales channels and push products to every channel to ease selecting the right consumers. It could be social media, POS, marketplace, or the conventional shop. dispensing products with a named target audience has been creating simple. As they say- sell where your consumers are!

6. Headless architecture

The platform has an API-first perspective enabling it to be utilize as a headless application that is assemble for the latter. With fully practical APIs available for frontend and backend, Shopware6 is rapidly friendly to create PWAs and mobile applications. More into the technicalities, it has a huge range of DB find and filter options. The rapid find is magnificent indeed!


These are just little places that top my list. Sounds interesting?


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