Selling B2B online

Selling B2B online

The B2B commerce market is a field of opportunity. The reasons and motivations for selling B2B online are lots and contrast from person to person.
Yes, while the performing will be challenging, the reactions are relatively satisfying. This post is geared towards those contemplating entering the B2Bmarket.
Furthermore, We’ll be exploring the why and how of selling B2B. Afterward, we’ll be considering the different approaches you can utilize for a successful B2B eCommerce process.

Why do you need to sell B2B online

B2B is a separate group in and of itself. The posts are essential, and so are the results. If B2C is the frontend of the eCommerce world, B2B is the backend that executes the magic appearance.

So, why should you focus on selling B2B online rather than B2C?


Industry Size: The B2B market is robust, extending profits in the trillions, and a market cap that’s twice the size of its relative industry, B2C.

Order Value: B2B eCommerce boosts an average order value that is higher than B2C.

The Millennials: This digital-savvy age group is now making headways in B2B. So, To increase your sales, then start selling through B2B.

The B2C Experience: Taking a cue from the B2C buyer experience, the new age groups penetrating the B2B market now demand B2C-Esque purchasing experiences in B2B eCommerce.

Catalogs Display: With modern development technologies understanding the market, B2B owners are innovating ways to show off and promote their catalogs or services.

Automation: With so many business method automation software available, it’s now become simpler than ever to set up a B2B store and combine automation systems to preserve time. 

Direct-to-Consumers(D2C): With complete sources, you could improve your business-facing model and begin selling B2B online quickly to customers rather than a retailer or wholesaler. 

Supplier Management: In a growing market, there is no lack of suppliers possible. Accomplishing all of them is a complex scenario, though. With the exemplary B2B eCommerce architecture, You could control your suppliers more efficiently. 

Selling B2B online: The must-have B2B eCommerce feature

In the earlier section, we analyzed to describe a comparison between B2C and B2B. While B2B might be using a cue from the B2C acquiring occurrence, several points are exclusive to B2B.

Password-protected access

It is a significant contrast between the two. B2B companies cover their product rates and only show them to logged-in and authorized users.
If you’re competing about your rates, you can protect them from public view through the feature. In addition to that, it’s also considered helpful in assuring the protection of your eCommerce Store.

Advanced & sophisticated Search

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Detailed Product Information

In the context of B2B, product information is not just limited to a “description”. It implies a detailed description, showcasing each product feature to the product view page. It will look good with a quality product or service images.

Product Images

You have to showcase high-quality images of each product or service with its full specifications. You can also design 3D Images, 360 images, videos- it will attract more consumers and boost your sales.

Ability to recover previously purchased products

B2B buyers repeatedly purchase from the same product category from your store. If you’ve several products, then consumers will re-order the products.

VAT Price

For B2B business, it’s best to have pricing toggles as both include and excludes the taxation.

Bulk Ordering Discounts


For buyers, who purchase in bulk, it’s best to provide discounts if the situation allows.

Quick Ordering

To avoid making your buyers go through the B2B journey to purchase, again and again, It’s best to attach a quick order functionality to your store. It allows for speedier purchasing and checkout.

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum Order Quantity is must be required for B2B. It will be worthwhile for those who have a specific budget for shopping.

Take a B2C strategy

There is a fine line dividing B2B and B2C eCommerce from one another. But while the technicalities differ, both industries have integrated elements from each other into their industry.

Speaking from a wholly B2B perspective, there are some aspects from B2C that you can borrow and implement on your B2B eCommerce stores.
Some of them include, but are not limited to:

Increased Personalization

From the landing pages to the email newsletters. Your message must be tailored to the target audience.

Easiness of access

Your B2B Online store’s support must be simple to reach. Often, businesses get caught up in the red tape. You require to carry out information and implement it in a simple-to-utilize manner.

Final Words

The world of B2B eCommerce is diverse and full of challenges. At the same time, the profits are generally great. The effort required in getting to them is a journey by itself. The recommendations and suggestions are provided in this article.

So, What are you waiting for? Start selling today.

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