Types Of eCommerce Products

Types Of eCommerce Products

Magento 2 and Shopify is one of the most prevalent eCommerce platforms many merchants choose because of the immense amounts of products they can process. Besides, Magento offers you numerous product types to opt for.
So, if you wonder what the additional product types in Magento 2 are, keep reading.
In this article, we will create it obvious for you: we will provide concisely. But, still, informative descriptions of 6 product types in Magento 2, describe their instances and share how to handle them effortlessly.
Let’s have a look at product types.

Product Types

As the buyers have been reaching manageable accessibility to the internet, the eCommerce industry resumes growing.

More and more types of businesses are embracing online selling platforms. Products varying from apparel, electronics, and even virtual products such as software can be presented in an online store.

To be up-to-date with modern trends and business needs, It also shows six product types to allow merchants to sell all the products within the catalogue.

Understanding types of products with examples shown below:

Simple Product

What is a simple product?

Simple Product — the essential type of Product. It is a physical product that has weight and a unique SKU. The simple Product has no variations for customers to choose from, except Quantity.
That is why it is most commonly sold as part of other products types.


As you can see from the image, customers have no options since this item goes in a fixed colour, size, weight, and material. So the only thing you can choose is Quantity.

Configurable Product

What is a configurable product?

Configurable Product — is a product that consists of multiple simple products with customizable size, colour, material, and weight options. A unique SKU is generated for every simple Product, so it is easy to keep track of the inventory.
Configurable is the most popular and used type of Product since it allows customers to choose from various options and merchants to provide a diverse catalogue.


Configurable products, most often, are clothes and shoes that go in different colours and sizes.
So this Product consists of DAMENSCH Men 500 Day Tshirt. You can see the size and colour selection in the image.

Grouped Product

What is a grouped product?

Grouped Product — is a product that consists of several easy or virtual products that can be purchased as a group or separately. Interestingly, grouped products have no price since every child’s Product has its own.

According to that, this type of Product has no customizable options, except Quantity which correspondingly defines the Product’s price.

Grouped products are usually used in sales and promotions to encourage customers to buy a group of related products and save some money.


Grouped products are usually items sold together, some of which you can remove. So, like in this set of t-shirts you can buy a pack of 3 T-shirts choosing your preferable colours.

Bundle Product

What is a Bundle product?

As the name implies, a bundle Product is a set of products sold in a bundle. This Magento product type consists of simple and virtual products with customizable options. So, customers can build their products by choosing between such product options as size, weight, price, etc.
Unlike in the grouped Product, customers can select different product variations in a bundle but can not exclude any items from the Bundle.


As stated before, customers can customize product options in bundle products. The image shows the Bundle of related products.

Downloadable Product

What is a Downloadable product?

Downloadable Product — this is a type of Product that can be downloaded. It is a digital product such as software, application, music files, videos, ebooks, etc. When creating downloadable products in Magento, you can provide free samples, except the actual Product.


Our Magento 2 Extensions are a great example of downloadable products you can download, install and benefit from. Check our Magento 2 Extensions.

Virtual Product

What is a Virtual product?

Virtual Product — a non-tangible product with no physical form and is not visible. Since they have no physical presence, the virtual products cannot be downloaded, shipped, or delivered.
It is usually a membership, subscription, service, or warranty.


Our Magento 2 Services is an example of virtual products with no customizable options for customers. They also cannot download it.

How to customize different products in Magento?


With the help of the below product type video, you should be able to create and manage Magento-related products. Once you’re done, you can look at the Magento theme customization to make your store more stunning and enhance the user’s shopping experience. Of course, the store with such product features also needs a good Magento hosting partner.

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