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Hire Dedicated Magento Developers

Value Propositions

  1. 20 hours of a pilot project to test skills & code standards of resources.
  2. Interview & hire 4-7 years of experienced resources & Immediate Onborading.
  3. You do not need to hire resources on the payroll in your office, so save 60% money 🙂
  4. Hire as long as you need a monthly payment cycle. No advanced payment is required.
  5. 2-3 hours of overlapping time to communicate with assigned resources.

Hire Magento Developers For Result-Oriented Services

eCommerce Maintenance and Support

eCommerce Maintenance and Support

Our expert team creates sure your site doesn’t get to compromise routine maintenance procedures & assures the URL structure remains unchanged. Our support drives the site bug-free & flawless for the adequate experience for your eCommerce.

Custom Magento Module Development

Custom Magento Module Development

Our developers stay updated with the information on eCommerce tendencies and inventions & deliver client-centric modules by following the most accurate coding standards and reliable techniques which present an outstanding user experience.

Magento eCommerce Store Development

Magento eCommerce Store Development

Our expert and qualified Magento developers create an ideal eCommerce store by following the recent Magento upgrade and invention to deliver a user-friendly and simple-to-explore eCommerce store.

Magento 3rd Party Integration

Magento 3rd Party Integration

Our developers are proficient to leverage these APIs and delivering high-end characteristics to your store. Integrate & optimize 3rd party APIs like payment methods, shipping methods, and multi-vendor gateways to enhance conversion & experience.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

In detail, the migration of Magento 1 to Magento 2 with the check on security & transmitting of all sensitive data in a strategies steps. The migration opens up the door to eternal advanced characteristics & the core experience of Magento 2.

Magento Theme Development

Magento Theme Development

Our dedicated Magento developer develops engaging and customer-friendly themes for all scale organizations, be it from PSDs, JPG, PNG, or Sketch. The team could turn anything to Magento & comprehend the business nature.

Why Hire Our Magento Developers

The ultimate online store unlocks your returns with the finest user experience journey. Drive your eCommerce store brand with Our Dedicated Magento developers.

Effortless Understanding

Effortless Understanding

Our expert dedicated developers have experience in all industries. Having this experience has achieved them the knowledge of prevalent requests & requirements. Thus, understanding the precise and exceptional requirements & designing solutions accordingly is not a challenge.

No charge Proposals

No charge Proposals

We commit to hearing the requirements and once, after the exact transparency, detail examine the development scope and deliver the proposal with insights on cost and timeline within 24 hours of the requirement assemblage.

Integrity & Transparency

Integrity & Transparency

The developers execute the tasks by appreciating and accepting all business personal details and workflows. The data and views will never be declared or posted by us. Born Techies inspires an NDA signing for a trustful, hassle-free, and stressless business bond.

Analytics & Reports

Analytics & Reports

Hiring a developer from us evolves our accountability to maintain the client-oriented with the improvement and present stage of the tasks. Based on the needs, we supply hourly, daily, and weekly updates. And deliver you the reports on the next milestone and research details.

Full Spectrum Skill Set

Full Spectrum Skill Set

Our full-stack developers on hire are experienced with front-end development, Magento theme creation, 3rd party integration & customization, API integration, automated deployment, website optimization, etc. In addition, our team has deep Magento core system knowledge.

Custom Magento Web Development

Custom Magento Development

Our Magento architecture combines marketplaces, 3rd-party integration, ERP, & other valuable needs to improve the system. In addition, we deliver custom development & design, installation & integration from the entire web- development to slight bug-fixing.

Hire Dedicated Magento Developers In 5 Simple Steps


1. Requirements Sharing

Firstly, the Client will start communication with bunches of requirements. We shall investigate the development scope and technical factors in detail. If they’ll be satisfied with our solutions then we can move forward.


2. Non-disclosure agreement

A non-disclosure agreement is a contract whereby two parties signing it agree not to disclose any confidential information outside of work. Non-disclosure agreements are generally made to protect business confidentiality.


3. Resource Profiles & Pricing

We are moving ahead to the second process. We’ll share with you the Resource profiles and pricing. You can review the profiles and shortlist suitable candidates for your requirements. You can share the interview date, time, and resource name.


4. Interview

Our candidate will give you an interview on the online platforms in this process. They will enable the mic and camera so that you can verify them easily. Moreover, you can check our resources’ ability and technicality in an interview.


5. Sign a contract

We’ll sign the Contract if our resources have been shortlisted after the interview. We prepared the Contract, and it includes Basic info like Resource info, term, pricing, Project start date, replacement terms, and terms & conditions.


6. Onboarding - start Work

Furthermore, You or our resource will initiate communication before the 2-3 days of the project start. Then, they will discuss the projects, install the required software, and set up the project in the local environment(Computer) & start working.

Our Hiring Models


Full Time

Dedicated | 160 hours/month
3 months (minimum)



Hours per day | 4 hours/day
4 months (minimum)



Flexible hrs/day
Maintenance & support packages

Let's Connect To Understand Your Dedicated Magento Resource Requirements