A brief of Project Development Process

A brief of Project Development Process

Our eCommerce project runs through the project process cycle created by born techies, which comprises seven project management stages: Analyze the requirement, Consult, Project Design & Development, Quality Analysis, Project Live, Digital Marketing, and Maintenance & Support.

It’s a procedure that begins with Analysis with planning ideas and successfully delivers the clients’ projects.

Analyze the requirements:

Requirement analysis is a vital activity for functional or non-functional demands to utilize  in the project. So, It is analyzing the requirements to understand the correctness and feasibility of converting them into a potential project. 

When a client comes to us, there are many questions asked by our BDE.
  • Which source did you find us?
  • What are your requirements & goals?
  • Why Born Techies?

After understanding and noting down the client’s requirements by our BDE, they will analyze the requirements. After that, They will be arranging a meeting with a client. The requirements should document, measurable, readable to be identifying business needs.


Our Business Analysts comprehend the most useful information from the available requirements and present it in a more formal Project Action Plan with a detailed description of all possible modules and tasks of the development project. After Analysis, our BDE will consult the clients, and after confirmation from their side, we’ll move forward with the following process.


We have the world’s best eCommerce consultant team. Our consultants are highly experienced in eCommerce business services from the beginning of the planning till the launch. Moreover, Creating an eCommerce website that would be a considerable achievement and declare mouth-watering revenues is not simple as it sounds. Growth in eCommerce is unstoppable. But to obtain progress in the extension, the project requires a plan, planning, and expertise of the market. So, let our eCommerce Consultants assist you in making maximum outcomes for your eCommerce business.

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Project Design & Development

After completing the feasibility test, the final design and development are start preparing by our experts. Firstly, we’re making wireframes or a selection of themes for website theme design. After that, we’re beginning to design your project. Moreover, the design is approved by the client. After that, we can implement it in the development process. The development process will be running on our code standards, flow, and reviewed by a senior developer. Let your product speak for your brand. We absorb specifications that maximize usability, functionality, and brand display. Moreover, Our customized CMS and eCommerce website developments are based on BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and Shopware.

Team up with Born Techies to search all the capabilities required for your eCommerce project triumph under one roof.

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Quality Analysis:

Quality analysis secure that the end service is of immense quality and thus ensures a more satisfying user occurrence. It relates to evaluating methods and standards that dictate quality management in a project to ensure that they continue to be relevant. And We concentrate on understanding the user’s query plan to align your users’ requirements with your income purposes. Although, Testing is probably the most routine part of this process.

Furthermore, Every single link should test to make sure that our eCommerce solution fits the requirements. After completing the project design & Development process, our Quality Analyst will test your project Top to bottom, each & every page, links, and other things. And if bugs will occur in it, they will send the test reports to the developer to fix them. Project testing should be tested in some premium tools or software.

Project Live:

It’ll run on different aspects as per company rules and regulations. So, The live project process will continue after the completion of testing. Moreover, The technical aspects of the website have been completed. After approval by the client or senior authorized person, all files are transferred to the live server. And Your website is live for your audience to view!

Digital Marketing:

The globe is growing day by day because there is a lot of scope for Digital marketing. And, We’ll offer or suggest digital marketing for your business to run successfully. We’re promoting your product or service with proper content and design. So, It’ll be promoting on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and other digital platforms.

Furthermore, In Digital Marketing, We help promote your brand to reach your target audience, ensure the market of your business and invite people to purchase your products or services. We’re also managing all your social accounts like:

  • Answering your consumer.
  • Lead Generation 
  • Increase the followers
  • Generate the more sales

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Maintenance & Support:

So, It’s not enough to deliver a project to the client. We would also make sure that everything works accurately and the client is satisfied. Always be ready to make changes in another case. Finally, We’re suggesting and offering your website’s or project’s maintenance & support. 

Our Key Ecommerce Maintenance and Support Services:
  • 24X7 dedicated support
  • Installation and upgrades
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Downtime solutions
  • Migration performance optimization
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Site hosting services
  • eCommerce security management


Though these eCommerce plans are serviceable for divergent things, they all assist online stores in extending one final goal.

With over 9+ years as a full-service eCommerce agency, the BTPL Commerce team is attainable to help you with building, designing, and enlarging your online store.

Born Techies having Digital marketing experts to execute your needs and generate sales on digital platforms. So, We at Born Techies have expertise in professional solutions and digital marketing services, Which can design concepts and secure that they will go with current market trends. Moreover, Born Techies Provide a dedicated team to Analyze, Design, strategist, and manage your marketing per your requirements.

Furthermore, Born Techies building brands that can be recognized in the market. In addition to Our expertise will deeply analyze your project, make a strong marketing strategy & visualization, send reports to clients, have Daily conversations with clients, and run ads to generate more ROI.

Want to make your brand unique from your competitors?

Born Techies will be here to assist you!!!

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