eCommerce Consulting

Make Value-Driven Business Decisions with Born Techies

We will assist you to unlock modern chances to build a solid consumer occurrence plan and control digital technologies for methodical business operations.

Our eCommerce Consulting Service is determined by our real-world omnichannel retail occurrence optimizing web and store channel execution for powerful eCommerce marketing plans. With our strategies, you can be confident in your eCommerce business. Furthermore, Our eCommerce consultants offer top-notch action items, roadmaps for extension, and digital marketing services. Beat competitors to any market. Our consultant is always ready to assist in giving you the solution and how to implement your requirements.

Moreover, The steps below are techniques that we have pointed over many years to assist us to traverse, discover and collaborate with our clients throughout the method – expertly crafting every project into a different and appealing digital occurrence. Born Techies has 10+ global eCommerce consultants across the globe to help you expand to and succeed on your eCommerce System.

Market Entry Consulting

For beginners and companies floating a modern online sales channel, We at Born Techies offers an eCommerce Consulting Service for a service package for a risk-free initiative.

we supply a consulting service package for a risk-free initiate.

Pinpointing your high-level business needs
Calculating the target market captivates: market size, growth possible, competitiveness.
Recognizing barriers to entry: industry adjustment, entry cost.
Producing a practicality study: investment calculation, anticipated ROI.
Polishing a market entry strategy
How to do business Offline to Online

eCommerce Technology consulting

We supply eCommerce software consulting services to assist you to cruise an extensive technology landscape and select a perfect solution by:

Suggesting the right eCommerce Platform
Aligning business needs with technology requirements
Assessing your scaling and growth perspectives
Payment Gateway & Shipping method integration selection
Suggesting a better PIM, CRMS, ERPs
Scoping an eCommerce solution
Calculating the implementation cost and time

eCommerce Consulting Service In Middletown

Business consulting

We aim at business KPIs and analyze your plan and technology features to drive traffic, conversions, and gain up. Our awareness essences on:

Customer experience strategy
Digital user experience
Website design
Data management maturity
Mobile presence
SEO – Why it’s necessary & how it works? Why google presence is mandatory?

Operational consulting

With operational consulting, we aim to better and maximize the capability of a target business workflow. The area of our abilities accepts:

Supply chain management
Procurement and production planning
Order management and distribution
Marketing automation
Customer experience personalization
Data management and analytics

Retail Consulting

Our eCommerce retail strategy and consultancy team will analyze your eCommerce opportunity so you can make data-driven decisions.

Control Everything – Planning to Deliver Consumer Insights.
Increase your reach.
Maximize our consumer’s eCommerce Appearance.
Optimize multichannel eCommerce digital Marketing plans.