Berlin Fashion eCommerce – WooCommerce To Shopware

Berlin Fashion eCommerce – WooCommerce To Shopware

Do you sell online clothing in Berlin, Germany? By now, you seemingly understand how useful it is to sell your clothes online. At the same time, you’ll be able to touch actual revenues if you rely on social networks only. So, powering your fashion e-store is a must for each business owner who’s after growing a successful brand in the future.

However, building an e-store is simpler if you are new to web development and online commerce. There are multiple factors that you have to take into account when powering your e-store. You’ve got to take Shopware that fits you most desirable for a fashion store in Berlin-Germany, a theme that suits your niche and resonates with modern web design trends. Moreover, you’ve received to make sure that you optimize your store for SEO and performance, secure its high conversion and lead generation, boost social integration, etc.

Why should you migrate your fashion store with Born Techies?

Moreover, WooCommerce to Shopware migration implemented by Born Techies boosts the transfer of your valuable data, including products, consumers, orders, blogs, and other related objects.
WooCommerce to Shopware database migration with the Cart2Cart method is a reliable method of selling your store’s products, consumers, categories, and more from WooCommerce to Shopware automatically with no tech skills required.

You can follow the identical method to migrate other platforms to Shopware like WooCommerce to Shopware or PrestaShop to Shopware. Firstly you demand to install the Migration plugin from the community store and then install it by Plugin Manager.

Nonetheless, before starting the Shopware migration, review these points:
In the backend, verify if all the system demands have been fulfilled; otherwise, you will face errors. Go Configurations > System info.
It would be best if you had a way to a database that should be locally present in Shopware.

What Is Shopware?


Shopware eCommerce is a PHP-based eCommerce platform that was developed in Germany more than 18 years ago. It is renowned for having the most live stores in Germany with a significant appearance in the European market. It has allowed many of the biggest eCommerce stores in the market.

Currently, it is increasing in the German markets as well. A Shopware app has an outstanding level of scalability by its characteristics like varnish cache, built-in usage of Apache JMeter, Clustering tools & ongoing platform support. Shopware also attaches servers for specific tasks, providing further scale and more reliable response times. We can handle considerable traffic and support multi-language, multicurrency, and unlimited addition of products with Shopware.

It is how the migration from WooCommerce to Shopware works.

Moreover, To prepare for the migration, we will first set up a unique Shopware instance for you and install the plugin for data transfer from other shop systems into Shopware. After some further arrangements have been made and settings have been made, the automated migration method, in which a big part of the data from the WooCommerce tables of the WordPress database is transferred to the recently created Shopware instance, can begin.

After completing the data transfer, our developers still have to make several adjustments and carry out various functional tests. When all configurations and templates have been set up, you will receive a “turnkey” Shopware online shop. It means that you too can take full advantage of Shopware’s outstanding limit of functions when working with your modern fashion store in the future.

Benefits of Shopware 6 Migration

Shopware 6 has become a booming eCommerce platform for developing highly responsive and profitable online stores in Germany. Furthermore, The Shopware b2b stores are fittest for medium to small-scale businesses. Some of the reasons why you should migrate to Shopware 6 are:

Accessible to Use Admin Panel


The admin panel of Shopware B2B is highly user-friendly with a drag & drop design for editing content, banner, and products.

3rd Party Integrations

On Shopware 6, there is a centralized way to the inventory, stock, supplier, and purchase management. It also provides acquiring on a marketplace with a growing number of sales channels and income.

Technical Support

Shopware is good at supplying support through phone or email, so whatever or whenever you face the problem, it will resolve in real-time.


The cost of setting up your business on Shopware is relatively less than the other eCommerce platforms. The Shopware CE is free to download, and its common site can cost 2-3 thousand Euros. Furthermore, the cost increases as you opt for better packs. The costing can also vary as per your custom specifications, but whatever the conditions are, many search the Shopware costing in their budget while others seem costly.

SEO Shopware


A significant benefit of Shopware is the SEO circumstances for producer sites. If you have many items from a specific producer, you should optimize the important producer site.

The other reasons are

Various built-in characteristics for selling products online
Configurable HTML and text emails to the users
Premium support to the users
One page checkout and guest checkout
Abandon cart recovery tool, and in-built data security plugin
High level of security
Design customization
Less compact and more adaptable
After performing Shopware 6 migration, you will gain numerous outcomes like increased conversion ratio, excellent consumer retention, and cost-effectiveness.


As a result, the fashion landscape has been thoroughly democratized. It no longer matters whether you’re rich or poor – what matters is how popular you are online. Brands with a solid social media presence can sell high volumes to Berlin-Germany just as quickly as possible to people living in major cities.

Moreover, Shopware is a trending platform with all the essential features you may require on your fashion industry eCommerce platform in Berlin. It can be easily optimized for SEO. It automatically makes most of the basic search engine optimization settings. You only need to re-adjust them manually, if required.

At Born Techies, we have the best Shopware developers. They can develop a fully responsive and secured Shopware store, or you can also hire a dedicated Shopware developer for your fashion e-store in Berlin-Germany. Born Techies also has Shopware Business Partnership. We hope this guide helped you understand eCommerce re-platforming.

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