Christmas is coming! Is your store ready to jingle the bell?

Christmas is coming! Is your store ready to jingle the bell?

Christmas is near the corner, and it is that time of the year when Jingle bells are buzzing all around. Yes, it’s the festive season and also the most significant shopping time of the year. If you are an eCommerce store owner with an online presence, then it’s time for you to contemplate refurbishing your eCommerce store to present it with the look and feel of Christmas. Consequently, you should consider optimizing your website to match the holiday spirit, and you’ll discover yourself obtaining on the boom in customer purchases! But that’s not all; a total redesign of your eCommerce store can do a lot more for your business than just an expansion in sales.

At the related time, it’s also essential to note that website redesign needs time due to the provocations of developing and installing innovative and different features. To discover your brand from rivals, you must be innovative and open to exchange because each target market is diverse. Suppose you are viewing an eCommerce website design in the USA. In that case, Born Techies, a leading Digital Commerce company in the USA, can assist you to obtain your online store look festival-friendly this Christmas season.

Here are remarkable of the top advantages you attain to obtain from a Christmas-themed website redesign:

Brand Positioning

Giving a festival theme to your eCommerce store is a unique way of giving integrity to your consumers and their festival spirit. Moreover, it also increases goodwill and increases the number of visitors to your eCommerce store.

Move to Responsive Design

It’s a long time you should close ignoring the requirement to move to responsive design for your online store. Besides the redesign, selecting responsive web pages can enhance the reachability. And scale of your website as more consumers favor running mobile with their shopping instead of attempting desktop-based eCommerce.

Trendy UI

Trendy UI

Optimize your eCommerce store for the festival season by reducing the number of steps to the checkout and check-in procedure. In turn, it will lessen the bounce rate and boost sales significantly as guest users can obtain hassle-free shopping.

Acceptable User Engagement

Including components such as festival-themed buttons can animate the interest of consumers to operate on to your online store and explore more definite pages. Furthermore, an extension in time spent on your site can lead to an improvement in product search and push sales.

Enhanced Page Loading

By improving the content on the store and refurbishing it to suit the requirements of the festival season, page loading times will decreasing. Quick loading pages have an enormous effect on the customers’ mindset and improve their consideration. It will decrease the number of incomplete checkouts.

Check your plan and upgrades

If You want to launch a promotion that can produce more visits, then it’s time to consider expanding its shared hosting plan. In this case, you have to contact the provider to demand a change to a higher-priced plan, designating the fact that it demands more sources for the eCommerce store. And then the procedure itself should be moved into a more powerful machine.

Other things you have to focus on Bug Fixing

We’ll also Fix all bugs in your eCommerce store, which we found in testing.

Coupon Codes

Shoppers get the coupon code from your marketing which will appear for a discount. We’ll also assist you to generate the coupon code for your store.

Server Load Checkouts


Our expertise will check the load of your server how many visitors are purchased from your store simultaneously and let you know how to resolve this.

Spruce up your photography

You can hire a photographer and do the photoshoot with a Christmas theme. And Born Techies will help you update it on your live store.

Offer Free Shipping

You have to integrate the shipping method and offer free shipping, but one thing you should know about is “Don’t forget the Christmas shipping Deadlines”. Our expertise also helps you with shipping integration-related queries.

Christmas + Advertising = Your success Strategy

Christmas advertising

Whatever changes you have done in your live eCommerce store and promote your offers using banners on social media. You can also hire us for the Christmas campaigning and boost your sales.


Overall it can be said that securing your eCommerce store is well established and ‘completely loaded with characteristics will infuse trust. It will also allow customers to engage and involve in your store content, which will eventually assist them in making a purchase. Are you prepared to redesign your eCommerce store? Then get in touch with Born Techies, the leading Digital Commerce company in the USA, right away.

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