eCommerce worldwide – Statistics & Facts

eCommerce worldwide – Statistics & Facts

The quick assumption of smartphones and subsequent access to the internet has permitted appearing market customers to be a crucial global force across a range of online activities containing online retail, gaming, and eSports. Internet access among Appearing Customer Survey defendants is now around 80 percent or more in all countries exclude Indonesia and South Africa. Entirely clearly, lower average occupying power has not demoralized consumers across our materializing economies to gain access to the internet and start gaining from its range of services. In conjunction with total population sizes, it makes them stand out among the economies surveyed as the biggest online retail markets. There is a huge growth potential for online retail.

In 2020, over two billion people obtained goods or services online, and during the similar year, e-retail sales surpassed 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide as per

As per, the B2C eCommerce business growing rapidly. In 2014 retail eCommerce sales were 1336 billion U.S.Dollars, which was growing year per year and today it was 4891* billion U.S.Dollars in 2021. As you know eCommerce selling is growing day by day because of offers an effortless shopping platform. Statista will assume the statistics for upcoming years like in 2022 Retail eCommerce sales is 5424 U.S.Dollars, in 2023 it was 5908 U.S.Dollars, and in 2024 it was 6388 U.S.Dollars.

Mobile is boosting eCommerce traffic

More and more web traffic is created by smartphones and tablets, operating eCommerce sales. Many Crucial brands make sure that their websites are mobile-adaptive—enhancing the consumer experience—and more often than not they have native mobile apps to make shopping even effortless for consumers. If your website is not a tablet and mobile adaptive, you will be losing the youth of Generation Z and millennial customers.

Furthermore, technological advancements such as better connectivity and voice. One of the most evident trends in the world of eCommerce is the unmatched usage of mobile devices. In 2019, smartphones accounted for over 60% of all retail website visits worldwide as per As the assumption of mobile devices is proceeding at a quick pace, mainly in regions that lack other digital infrastructure, mobile unification will continue to shape the shopping experience of the future. M-commerce is specially desired across Asia, with countries like South Korea creating up to 65 percent of their total online affair volume via mobile traffic.

Impact of COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to have a significant influence on eCommerce and online customer behavior around the world. As millions of people stayed home in early 2020 to hold the spread of the virus, digital channels have accommodate the most desire different to congest stores and in-person shopping. In June 2020, Universal retail eCommerce traffic stood at a record 22 billion monthly visits, with dictate being extraordinary high for each day items such as groceries, clothing, but also retail tech items. How online usage, purchasing habits, and the overall future of e-commerce and the global retail industry will look like in 2021 and beyond will largely depend on the further progression of COVID-19.


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