Trusted Payment Gateway Integration on Your eCommerce

Trusted Payment Gateway Integration on Your eCommerce

The conviction to purchase online depends on the type of payment gateway combination supplier that is proposed to the client on your website or mobile application, so when setting up an eCommerce Solutions you should know which payment gateway is the most straightforward for your consumers.

As a trade, both online and manually if you want to accept card payments you require to have a terminal (POS). As it is perceptible, the unification with eCommerce Solutions is effective but the motive is entirely the same as that of a physical POS.

All Websites and Mobile Applications that select to combine payment gateway as a means to gather payment from their consumers through eCommerce have various options available around the globe.

Payment Gateway is an online payment proceeding technology that assists companies to accept credit cards and Debit Cards. In other words, payment gateways are Man-in-the-middle, which is revealed between eCommerce platforms and customers.

The payment gateway allows you to:

Make and accept payments rapidly and easily.

make payments easily

Keep your consumer data (information) and money secure.

Trust your consumers so they are prepare to give their money.

To be able to select between divergent payment gateway integration suppliers available in the globe. There are various factors to examine.

You should select the payment gateway supplier that is carried in the countries you will be contributing your services, as not all of them work globally.

You should check which payment gateways are best carried by your eCommerce Solutions platform. For instance, the PayPal gateway is supported by Magento because the same group generated them.

The payment gateway must follow with PCI 3.2.1 security levels.

You should see the charges that will be deducted per transaction.

What payment method do they support? For instance, VISA is a payment method, Master Card is another.

Do they support your type of business? For instance, some of them are not connected to companies that sell MLM, adult materials, bets, gambling, firearms, drugs, etc.

Integration Plugins

trusted payment gateway

Stripe – A fully integrated suite of payments products

Apple Pay – The most desired eCommerce platforms and payment service suppliers support Apple Pay within apps and on the web.

Amazon Pay – Amazon Pay is an online payment service that creates checkout on your site fast and secure.

PayPal – PayPal is one of the oldest and doubtless the most eminent online money transfer service.

There are many other suppliers also available in the globe like Telr, CCavenue, etc.

How you can begin payment gateway integration on your eCommerce

Once the application has been scrutinized and the trader account has been permitted, the most common procedure is the sending of security keys and instructions for its installation on your eCommerce Solutions. The trader may utilize the instructions provided by the Payment Gateway Integration Provider or Bank. In the installation procedure, the eCommerce Website Development agency must comprise a payment button on its website and link it to the gateway. In this way, when the consumers validate the purchase, it will connect to the server of the Payment Gateway Provider.

How will that transaction be made?

When the consumer places the order and selects the card payment option, the basic scheme that the transaction will follow will be as follows:

The trade connects with the TPV of the obtaining Bank Entity (the bank that supplies the Merchant Account Details) stipulating the name of the trade, amount of the purchase, date, currency.

The buyer (holder of the card) undertakes the data of the card on the screen.

The Payment Gateway Integration giver connects with the issuing unit (the bank that has issued the card with which it is being paid) requesting approval.

The issuing bank requests dispensation One Time Password (OTP) from the cardholder (buyer). It is possible that the issuing entity does not have this dispensation process if this is the case, this validation will not be carried out.

Management and Consultation of Sales

The trade has an outward portal where you can consult the details of the sales made and returns. Both the seller and the buyer will authenticate the operation rapidly. The merchant will receive the payments of the purchases in his bank account regularly.

management and consultation

The payment gateway integration provider will demand a commission per transaction (called the Discount Rate). The % of the share will depend on the type of payment, the country, and the product/service.


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