eCommerce POS Integration – Why Integrate Your Systems

eCommerce POS Integration – Why Integrate Your Systems

Running a successful multichannel business grasps many hours of hard work and a committed team of employees. There are a several of factors that go into sustaining brick-and-mortar and eCommerce operations. When it’s going good, it’s hard to change things up.

But even for successful businesses, there are ways to enhance operations, enlarge sales, and upgrade customer contentment. Through the unification of your eCommerce and point-of-sale (POS) systems in-store, your business can extend bigger goals with ease.

Why merge your eCommerce and POS Systems?

Combining your eCommerce platform with your POS systems can seem daunting because of costs or the risk of business disturbance caused by the requirements to change current systems. However, you’ll see that it suits worth it when you contemplate the smash it has on your operations and customer experience.


Right now, you undoubtedly work out of both systems. When not combined, your team is responsible for physical moving data between them. Employees hand-key data such as:

  • Product data from POS to your eCommerce channels
  • Sales orders from eCommerce to POS
  • Exterminate inventory levels after-sales
  • Shipping information and tracing position from POS to eCommerce passages

When these procedures aren’t automated, mistakes happen. Shipping addresses are entered wrong. Inventory isn’t updated fast ample causing you to oversell. Product information could be insufficient, incorrect, or missing.

And, all these physical procedures take time. It can clutch whole teams hours and hours to build sure all the data is shifted and correct. This is the time taken away from something more crucial– your consumers.

When you don’t combine your eCommerce and POS systems, it’s your consumer experience that is at stake. They won’t see correct product data, will experience slow shipping times and will see incorrect inventory levels.

Benefits of eCommerce and POS consolidation


eCommerce and POS combination, on the other hand, leads to benefits like these:

  • Terminate manual entry of data to save time, while diminishing errors.
  • Provide exact inventory levels to avoid overselling
  • Automatically notify consumers when orders have shipped
  • Authorize consumers to pick up online orders in-store
  • Share online consumer data between online store and POS
  • Be workable enough to add more sales channels and handle the growth

Perceiving the requirement to ingrate your systems is just the first step in bettering your business. Next, you’ll have to select how you want to integrate. As you doubtlessly guessed, there are a few divergent ways to connect your POS and eCommerce systems.

Researching POS eCommerce Integration Solutions

Combination by nature is never easy. It clutches two systems, not made to work together, and assembles them play nice with each other. Some systems are made for communicating to other systems better than others. However, more current developments in technology have given traders more viable options.

When researching divergent POS and eCommerce integration solutions, be on the lookout for these types of unification procedures.

Point-to-Point Connectors

For this type of solution, your eCommerce system, whether a website or marketplace, “points” at your POS to conclude sales data. It’s a quickest connection. There’s no operational platform in the middle of your system, you must still control your operations out of one of the systems. These are common and more reasonable solutions for smaller retailers.

Multichannel Management Platform

This type of solution is generally cloud-based and supplies a platform that sits between your systems as an operational hub. Preferably, it utilizes pre-built connectors to sync the data between your systems. The platform runs in the background of your system, but you can view the platform to see audits of the data and make workflows. This gives you more configurability and plasticity when adding or configuring connections.

These solutions can be more pricey, but still economical to merchants who require more robust abilities.

Custom Integration

Custom Integration

It’s possible to make your custom integration between your eCommerce and POS systems if you have the resources. Custom integration can be compound and precious. Building your solution only assembles sense if you have the right resources and particular requirements to justify it.

What solution works better for you, depends on your budget and integration requirements.

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