Introduction Of Adobe Commerce PWA Studio XD Kit

Introduction Of Adobe Commerce PWA Studio XD Kit

What is PWA Studio XD Kit?

Create unique experiences with UI kits made exclusively for XD. Get start. Mac and Windows. Smart canvas navigation. Preview on web and mobile. Developer handoff. Fast, versatile artboards. Interactive prototypes. Brands: Creative Cloud, Dreamweaver, Adobe XD.

Toolkit PWA studio XD

Adobe Commerce storefront design acceleration.

We’ve put together a set of PWA Studio-compatible resources to help you get started designing your next storefront in Adobe XD. Simply edit the provided assets, icons, and templates to match your branding and experience.

What is in the set?

Venia theme:

Our Venia theme for B2C Apparel includes a variety of beautifully designed UI components.

Trade themes:

Over 10 essential commerce templates, including Home, PLP, PDP, Checkout, and more.

Design System:

Over 80 design system components, including buttons, form fields, and more.

Responsive Layouts:

Support for both desktop and mobile breakpoints for responsive designs.

Multiple Assets:

A variety of editable XD assets you can use to support your branding with color swatches, fonts, and much more.

Additional Key Features:

3D Transforms:

Layer in-depth, rotate across planes, present in perspective, and more.

Components & States:

Design once, reuse everywhere.

Repeat Grid:

Replicate lists, galleries, and menus in any direction.

Content-Aware Layout:

Magically adjust as you design.

Creative Cloud Integrations:

Experience design with the world’s best creative apps.

PWA Application

PWA Studio kit’s Remarkable Features List & why it’s useful?

Factors that promises enlarge in Sales Conversion, Consumer Satisfaction & eventually ROI

Add to Home Screen Capabilities

Attach to home screen ability from the browser and offer a simple approach to the application.

Offline Mode

No active internet connection is needed over the applications built on Born Techies PWA Solution.

Push Notifications for Major Events

Send push notifications to your consumers on various festive offers and enlarge consumer commitment.

Server-Side Rendering

The Server Side Rendering process of PWA assists in creating the page load quicker than CSR.

100% usage of GraphQL (no rest APIs utilized)

The Born Techies PWA is built utilizing GraphQL creating it fully useful and filled with increased features.

Customized Visual Frontend theme

The Born Techies PWA offers the potential to have a customized visual front-end theme as per the need.

Advanced search capabilities

The application begins with high-end search abilities to assist consumers to search what they are looking for, absolutely.

Classified Mega Menu

The application pilots in a Megamenu to assist consumers to navigate through the website with optimum attempts.

The backend has driven promotional rotating banners

To assist in following promotions in a timely, the PWA begins with Back-end Driven promotional banners.

Advanced Layered Navigation capabilities

Navigation is designed easiest with modern layered navigation potentials to increase the consumer experience in the store.

Images lazy loading for the better viewing experience

Lazy Loading amenity for owners to show only the images that are requested by the consumer saving time and internet.

Item lazy loading

Item Lazy Loading amenity to assist decrease the initial load time, minimize page weight, and let the page load faster.

Product Gallery

A responsive and instinctive product gallery to assist your consumer searches the products fast and simple.

Configurable products support

Permit your customers to select multiple attributes for a selected product with configurable product help.

Product rich content

The PWA starts with product-rich content to assist the visitors to understand the functioning ideally.

Reviews & Ratings

The Born Techies PWA offers the amenity to receive reviews and ratings to enlarge customer loyalty.

Faster checkout with one-step checkout

One-Step Checkout creates the checkout procedure simplest as well as fastest creating the shopping experience finest.

Magento native Payment gateway capabilities

Payment Capabilities that are helped by Magento natives are also very logical factors of the PWA by Born Techies.

User Reliability

It’s reliable to use and easy to integrate. It’s very useful for client demo and you can changes accordingly as per your client requirements. Its features made your PWA application rapidly and you can show your client as a demo.


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