Seasonal eCommerce Tips To Enhance Your eCommerce store

Seasonal eCommerce Tips To Enhance Your eCommerce store

The festive shopping season offers a prime opportunity for eCommerce retailers over sectors to build brand recognition and increase their bottom line exponentially.

The appearance of the winter sales season is a period that constantly sets online retailers to the test. Onboarding modern products from suppliers, attaching distinct digital assets, modernizing thousands of SKUs, and bypassing errors and inaccuracies can be a large undertaking for any business.

What’s more, this seasonal modification to product portfolios needs to be able to accommodate quickly customer tastes, distinct regulations, changes in pricing, and stock – so it performs sense to have the right tools in place to assist you to control completely.

Usually applied to any industry, the seasonal shopping period traditionally starts with Black Friday and concludes with the post-Christmas sales.

In our hyper-connected digital age, a growing number of platforms, mediums, and customer touchpoints allow eCommerce businesses more possibilities than ever to connect with modern consumers and retail their products and services to an engaged, fascinated audience.

Despite the tiny matter of a global pandemic in 2020, eCommerce businesses are displaying no signs of reducing down. In addition to the modern wave of online necessity shopping seen since March, retailers are already seeing a surge in seasonal eCommerce businesses as people start to purchase gifts for their loved ones early.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday remain to demolish records on Amazon year over year, which tells us that consumers love shopping for sales to kick off the holiday purchasing season.
Here we’ll explore the seasonal online spending appearance in more detail, offering penetrations and advice that will assist you with your ultimate digital marketing campaign applications.

To represent the trends in seasonal online shopping over sectors, below are some seasonal eCommerce trends you should know about.

Wish Lists

Many consumers work with curated wish lists to assist them with their seasonal shopping purposes.


It appears that for older shoppers, a disconnection and general skepticism of technology provides a barrier to online shopping while digital natives or those more familiar with online consumer touchpoints are more willing to create wish lists and purchase through eCommerce retailers.
Sending offers and discounts with print communications can be a good way to connect with shoppers of a riper demographic and drive them online in a simple and informational way, helping to broaden your online customer base. Offering a gift card is an effective option as it reduces the decision-making involved for the customer and makes the process simpler and less stressful.

For digital natives, delivering a mobile app or personalized landing page content that allows them to curate and send a wishlist of their favorite products is not only an excellent way of driving engagement but could also serve to significantly boost your profits over the seasonal shopping period.

Expanding the Seasonal Shopping Scope

From Black Friday right through to the post-Christmas sales, there is endless scope to reach out and connect with your audience, promoting your products, services, and USPs to a potentially engaged audience.
The evolution of eCommerce has made online shopping more tailored, value-based, and widely accessible than ever before, which means that at present, there are profit-boosting opportunities that expand beyond Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year. In fact, in Scandinavian countries, Christmas Eve is the pivotal celebration of the entire seasonal period.

Deals and Discounts


Studies reveal that in Europe and the US, the final weeks leading up to Christmas Day present the most significant online shopping opportunities for eCommerce retailers.
Festive shoppers can take advantage of up to 80% off in seasonal offers, deals, and discounts. Data suggest that there were 90% more mobile searches for “best deals” during last year’s Cyber Week than the two years previous. And, according to our research, 81% of consumers fully expect to be affected by holiday deals, discounts, and promotions.

Here are some considerations you should make to optimize your success in gaining seasonal online sales

Privacy Protection

Website Privacy-Protection

Most consumers worldwide are aware of the General Data Protection Regulation. To build trust and ensure maximum eCommerce success, protecting the data of your consumers is of paramount importance. Consumers now expect an increasing level of value from brands and businesses, and offering personalized, real-time offers is a particularly effective means of maximizing your online sales. Now more than ever, shoppers value personalized communications, attention from brands, and a seamless retail experience. And, 86% of consumers state that being treated like a person rather than a sales figure is vital to their purchasing decisions. If you invest ample time and resources in offering tailored, time-sensitive deals during the Christmas period, you stand to earn a significant edge on your competitors.


During the festive season, online shoppers seek a flawless user experience (UX). A delay of even two seconds could prove detrimental to your seasonal sales as pressured seasonal online shoppers are likely to navigate away from a slow website or landing page and migrate to a competitor. Before the festive shopping season, you should test the usability, functionality, and performance of all of your main touchpoints to ensure you provide your target audience with the best shopping experience imaginable. And, as seasonal mobile spending skyrocketed by 68% in 2020, optimizing your content, websites and landing pages for mobile is a critical component of success this holiday season.

Prioritizing Emotion

In this truly digital-first holiday season, emotional marketing is emerging as a more potent promotional force than ever before. 83% of people are more likely to buy from a brand they feel emotionally connected to – and with increased eCommerce market saturation, creating campaigns and messaging that conjure strong emotions and strike a personal note is likely to win the day.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt about it – as the digital landscape continues to evolve and prove its value, seasonal online sales will continue to rise which, in turn, presents a wealth of profit-boosting potential to savvy eCommerce brands looking to expand, grow and evolve with the industry around them.

The holidays are a competitive time for eCommerce brands and digital marketers looking to enjoy their share of the festive sales, but by following these tips and remaining alongside emerging trends, there is a great deal of sustainable success to enjoy.

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