How Buy Now, Pay Later Is Moving Up eCommerce Retail

How Buy Now, Pay Later Is Moving Up eCommerce Retail

Nothing is as enticing to the latest shopaholic as the approach of purchasing immediately and paying later. Fortunately, this invention is now an actuality.
Buy now, pay later (BNPL) — as the name suggests — enables shoppers to purchase without forking over the cash at the time of shopping.
With the strength to boost impulse buys and push supplementary eCommerce sales, it’s no wonder BNPL is the subsequent big payment trend in the online retail world.

If you’re reading this and demanding yourself, “What is the point of buy now, pay later when we already offer credit card payments?” you’re not alone. The BNPL model does admittedly offer some remarkable connections to credit cards.
With credit cards, consumers can also get a purchase and pay it off over time — but the buying psychology behind BNPL offers are perks with which credit cards can’t compete. One case research found that average order values improved by 33% singularly due to the appreciation of a buy now, pay later option.

Here’s how the buy now, pay later transaction option is moving up the eCommerce industry, and know about it briefly in this article. 

What Is Buy Now, Pay Later?

The idea of driving buy now, pay later is moderately easy: Consumers complete an online transaction and, alternatively of paying the total amount upfront, execute installment payments over time.
Related to how credit cards work — a modern shopping option around the holidays in which customers set aside items and pay them off over time — BNPL lets consumers very actually buy now and pay later.
Buy now, pay later executes it possible for merchants to move products swiftly out of inventory.


Online Stores can give their financing, related to the store-specific card days, or operate through a third party like Klarna or PayPal Credit. Despite payment methods, buy now, pay later has been growing swiftly in demand, with even the big banks, rushing to become on board.

How Does it Work?

Utilizing the buy now, pay later model, consumers can buy now and get payments later. In general, this works by entering consumers into a contract that commits them to execute principal payments and interest payments in the future, much like a traditional loan.

Say your company offers a buy now and pay later option through a third party, like PayPal Credit. When consumers select this option, they agree to purchase a product without paying upfront but rather over time. Under these circumstances, your company still gets the profits of the sale upfront from PayPal; executing this scenario is generally equal to a credit card payment from the prospect of your business.

It’s no longer on you to chase down the money owed as a part of the “pay later” feature of the transaction; that burden falls to the BNPL provider in the same way a credit card company would be accountable for getting money from users with standard credit card payments.
Most third-party BNPL providers do a soft credit check to evade giving money to people who have shown general disregard for returning commitments, but this isn’t common. Some BNPL solutions offer one logical interest rate, while others base interest charges on shopping price. Normally, a buy now, pay later transaction involves the possibility of late fees or prepayment fees, but how this affects can vary from one vendor to the following.

For companies who want to utilize their BNPL financing to bypass paying third-party service fees, buy now, pay later is comparable to providing a store credit card. The trouble is then on the company offering financing to secure all debts are paid. 

It can attach a layer of complexity and the possibility for lost revenue. But it may appear in further benefits for those in a position to accomplish their financing and thus bypass vendor fees.

Which eCommerce merchants should set up BNPL?

Many eCommerce merchants sell their products online at a price greater than $500. They have to set up Buy Now Pay Later in their eCommerce Store so, customers can buy what they want with easy instalments and no hesitation.

Industrial Machineries merchants
Automobile Industry
Heath equipment eCommerce merchants
Medical Industry
Event Planners
Cruise lines
Home Goods
Big Box retailers

Better Consumer Experience

Why is it crucial to better your consumer experience? Generating positive consumer occurrences develops loyalty and promotes repeat business.
More ways to shop, more ways to pay, and more products to pick from are all positive factors from a consumer perspective. Suggesting consumers the adaptability to shop and pay the way they want often means an expansion in loyalty and, subsequently, sales.
Approximately 6% of carts are abandoned due to inadequate payment options, which says a lot about consumers’ value diversity of ways to pay.


Which options you highlight is eventually up to you and your target demographic — for instance, Millennials are distant more likely to prefer mobile wallets than their Baby Boomer parents — but the more alternatives implemented, the better.
Buy now, pay later is just one more advantages consumers like to see. Leaning into this increasing trend can produce great consumer sophistication that increases your base of returning shoppers.

Is BNPL Right For Your eCommerce Business?

Consumers want the buy now, pay later alternative. With modifications in cart abandonment and expanded spending, BNPL is helping everyone.
Before choosing BNPL, you require to secure that the financing option is right for your marketplace and audience.

Is financing right for your eCommerce business?

Many BNPL suppliers have a price minimum for financing. There are financing solutions with a $50 minimum, while others only allow financing for valuable assets.
When deciding if BNPL is an alternative for your eCommerce store, analyze your products’ pricing and if financing would even be a choice. If you must move more precious items out of inventory, confirm that your BNPL solution can break payments down into shorter amounts your consumers can afford.
Also, remember about the price of rendering a BNPL option. Depending on the supplier you pick, there might be transaction fees or a flat rate.

Will your consumers qualify for financing?

Pay Later

For your consumers to utilize your chosen BNPL solution, they will need to meet specific conditions.
In most cases, consumers will be expected to perform a credit check and have a good score. Consumers must also not have any original negative financial events, like bankruptcy or foreclosure.

What are your BNPL options?

As BNPL has grown, various solutions have been designed to satisfy consumers’ demands. Supplementing these solutions to your eCommerce store is reasonably easy if the suppliers are previously combined with your eCommerce store. If you pick a provider without a combination to your platform, you will be editing code or demanding to build a customized solution.

Buy Now, Pay Later Examples in eCommerce

If you’re not fixed to include buy now, pay later avenues for your eCommerce store, you’re operating to get yourself at an ambitious disadvantage.
Many brands have leveraged BNPL for exceptional gain, setting themselves aside from the opposition and getting a loyal following for providing to the wants and requirements of their customers.
Amazon and Flipkart are set up the buy now and pay later for payments in theirs eCommerce store.

Amazon Pay Later, epay Later, Paytm Postpaid also provides the BNPL functionality globally.

There are many different BNPL integrations for a specific country.

For USA – Sezzle, Splitit

For Europe – Twisto, Hokodo

For UK & Germany –  Hokodo, Fly Now Pay Later

For Australia – Quadpay

For Nz – Afterpay, Laybuy

They all are providing no-cost instalments based on your credit.

Increase Your Festive Season Sales With BNPL

The pleasant season is striking at the door. It appears as an opportunity for corporations to increase their traffic and overall earnings. However, little stores often fail to tap into the extensive possibility of improving their annual sales due to cash crunch and the rising need for credit investments. To develop, the wave in annual interest needs further raw material, involvement of more labor, and a more extensive division network. Collectively, these need continued funding to cater.

Final Thoughts

As the world of eCommerce proceeds to evolve and change, it’s not unusual that payment methods are involved in this. Digital wallets have been increasing for years, but the trends haven’t stopped there; today, more consumers favor buying now and paying later than ever before.
While buying now, pay later concepts aren’t specifically distinct — credit cards have been viable investment choices for both online and brick and mortar buying for decades — the modern substance is comparatively modern.

Ready for adding the BNPL Functionality in your eCommerce store?

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