Visual Commerce To Improve Conversations

Visual Commerce To Improve Conversations

1. What is Visual Commerce?

Visual commerce is the vision of leveraging effective visual content and augmented reality to improve the consumer experience. Online brands can especially benefit from this as it introduces people to products.

2. Why Visual Commerce?— 3 Distinct Purposes

Consumer Engagement

Compelling visual content entices consumers and facilitates them to engage with your brand.
For instance, augmented reality can assist consumers in “trying” your products. Guess about a furniture store. Consumers can catch the feel of a room utilizing augmented reality.

Customer Education

Visual content is valuable for education.
Content such as video tutorials can support consumers’ understanding of utilizing a product. This approach delivers context for the consumer while indicating how the product works into their lifestyle.

Buyer empowerment

Robust product visuals enable consumers to create confidence and declare buy decisions.
For instance, great optical configurators provide consumers a 360° view of the product they want to purchase. Consumers can switch up additional features to acquire a product they adore.
The outcome?
Shoppers will complete buys quickly and are slightly likely to return them.

3. Types of Visual Commerce

Visual content allows improving product discoverability. It has a favorable effect on conversions and sales gains.
It is thrilling news for any eCommerce business.
Let’s explore types of visual commerce:

Visual Configurators

These online tools permit shoppers to customize and imagine products to their specifications.
They generally use 2D or 3D images.
These tools contain AR product configurators, 3D product visualizations, and web configurators.
These tools are transforming the virtual commerce landscape so fast.

Visual Search

Visual search effects utilize images rather than text as the input for a search engine.
AI-powered image distinction technology analyzes the image’s content and returns related search results.

Lookbooks and Digital Catalogs

These tools are mostly utilized for lifestyle items.
The focus isn’t on products but the outcomes—like a final look after wearing a dress or makeup.
This type of imagery encourages customers to achieve comparable outcomes. This demand persuades customers to purchase the product.

4. Benefits of Visual Commerce—The Opportunity for Ecommerce Businesses

There’s no renouncing it.
Humans are visual beings. With the development of eCommerce, there’s a requirement to reproduce in-store knowledge.
Businesses must obtain a visual connection from in-store shopping to online shopping.
How can businesses benefit from Visual Commerce?

Higher Engagement

Visual content is more dynamic and interesting, corresponding to conventional lengthy product definitions.
Organizing visual content from numerous channels allows creating gorgeous galleries. It permits brands to employ their platform users and entice more consumers.
A cheerful user knowledge improves the brand user relationship.
You improve user knowledge by supplying users with additional visual content, including product videos and high-resolution images.
The benefit of consumer-generated content permits consumers to interact with your brand and stay active.

Social Proof

Visual commerce has improved the usage of user-generated content (UGC). User-generated content is social proof of a brand’s genuineness.
The advantage of UGC allows consumers to understand how the product will fit into their life. After all, social proof is identical to word of mouth in our digital world.
People utilize that brand’s products and appreciate them sufficiently to go ahead and post about them.
This defense can work splendors to motivate website visitors to turn into consumers.
According to research, 88% of buyers look for visuals presented by other buyers before purchasing a product.
Social proof shouldn’t be restricted to lifestyle labels: Shark permits consumers to submit studies with images and a pre-determined set of benefits to rate.

Builds Trust

When more customers talk simply about your brand, this creates trust.
User-generated content builds social proof, which creates trust with other possible customers.
Construction trust accelerates the buyer’s purchase journey as less doubt is applied.
For instance, visual content from other users allows the shopper to know that they have created the right determination.
When done the right way, this is likely to maintain customers coming back.

Higher Conversion Rates

Visual commerce impacts users with effective and passionate visual content.
Visual content stimulates wants that customers are keen to complete.
The result?
Shoppers are forced to consume their money to fulfill their wants.
Visuals continue to influence the users, which enables them to fulfill their wishes, usually with shopping knowledge.
Shoppable posts are a fantastic way to deliver relaxing shopping posts to possible consumers.
Visual content can also increase AOV (average order value).
High-quality thumbnails made with high-resolution photos can enable users to visually consider cross-sell and upsell suggestions. It may enable them to buy more.


With increased AOV, dimension orders may sink business costs such as shipping.
It is not only cost-effective but more efficient for any eCommerce industry.
eCommerce businesses can also leverage user-generated content, which isn’t expensive.
User-generated content may be assumed free advertising.
It can return high advertising costs such as model, photographer, and designer costs.
Glummer costs completely affect your business’s baseline.

5. Use Visuals to Differentiate Your Retail Brand

Visual commerce is about more than completing a collage of fascinating images on your eCommerce website. The visual components must be employed strategically to represent your brand by determining it from opponents in the retail market.
First, it’s essential to note that visual commerce contains more than still images. Compelling visual commerce often contains different media types, such as video, gifs, and VR elements. However, of the medium, all of your visuals should fulfill the following criteria:

  • High-resolution imagery
  • Crisp visuals without blurriness
  • Visual content that reflects the brand

Acquiring high-resolution, clean images can be performed moderately easily. Regardless, it brings a bit more foresightedness to catch your brand through visual media. Contemplate your audience and target market. What do they want to bring out of your products? How can you enable them to affect themselves in your brand’s community?
Companies like Under Armour, an athletic attire retailer, assume their audience’s fascination for improved athletic implementation in their visual commerce fabrics.


As we move ahead, keeping in pace with this fast-forward world, brands need to understand the growing need of shopaholic users. Here we have discussed the benefits of visual commerce and how brands can create their own visual and shoppable galleries. It’s time to utilize it and boost your growth rate and sales.

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