What Is Shop With Video?

What Is Shop With Video?

Nowadays, everyone experiences doing their shopping online. The convenience that it offers has won people across. Today, people favor online shopping rather than visiting a brick & mortar store. It gives them ample time to research and compare reviews to determine which product to purchase from an eCommerce store. Isn’t it simple?

However, It needed people to regularly switch between apps for associating products and reviews on an eCommerce store. Once they are convinced and prepared to perform the shopping, they attach it to the cart and place the order. Video Shopping Platforms have executed things simply for the customers; the audience can instantly identify, evaluate, and purchase products from one place.

Businesses utilize live Video to promote and sell products and services online in video commerce. Video Shopping Platforms are the playful step in eCommerce as it provides a lot of support to the shoppers. Also, it is necessary for retailers as it offers them an excuse to showcase their product and provide shoppers with a more satisfying user occurrence.

It helps in boosting the conversion rate of your eCommerce store.
You can obtain your eCommerce store more interactive by utilizing a shop with video features rather than pictures and graphics; a short video explanation of a product or a brand can improve your customer traverse different products and services more reliably.

How Does Video Shopping App Work?

Video Shopping is a method of occupying the customer with the advice of videos and live streamings. It assists in decreasing the buyer’s hesitation towards the product with its interactive and engaging nature, thus increasing sales.

You can utilize different platforms for developing video shopping stores, Such as Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopware, etc. You can also integrate Shoppable Video Platforms into your current eCommerce store like Amazon Live, Bambuser, Livescale, Popshop Live, Instagram, YouTube, Buywith, thentwrk, restream, sparklylive, channelize, etc. Video enhances user engagement by instantly connecting the customer with the product or services; It improves conversion rates and ultimately increases your business.

Shop With Video


Shop with video shopping app, also known as Live Video Stream Shopping, has conversation interaction. Here, the video presenters are on LIVE, and at that significance, they have the opportunity to assume the reaction of their audience in real-time. When it is one-on-one, the presenter needs only to ask what the purchaser wants to assume or see. Here they can immediately react to their requirements. Resultantly, the possibilities of growth are very important. Then in the one-to-many scenario, the presenters are pretending questions and getting the answer from the audience by tweets, polls, personal messages, or they can even measure the reaction based on how many people go the LIVE. In this scenario, it improves when the presenter is entertaining. The more active these presenters are to the audience, the more prominent is performing to be the ability to initiate shopping.

There is a wide range of famous eCommerce brands that integrated the “Shop With Video” Feature.
For Instance – Sony, Croma, Logitech, Samsung

Advantages Of Video Shopping Mobile Apps

All the retailers are under a single platform, so the app users gain shops, vendors, and sellers (in the proximate location). These retailers offer the users the most suitable deals on the products manifested in the Video shopping app. In this model, ordinarily, the app requires a particular commission amount from the vendors, dealers, and shops registered on the app. Some applications are free to integrate into your eCommerce store, which you can easily integrate.

In today’s terms, Video Commerce performs a significant role in the eCommerce plan, and resultantly there is a large amount of exercise to support high conversion via Video. It delivers many advantages to eCommerce:

More genuine engagement

Through a shop with Video, a lot of information can be conducted immediately to the objective audience. A one-to-one shop with Video is way quicker than reading and has more intensity than a particular image. As here, the video timing usually depends on you how much time you’ll take, or a minute, so people stay higher on your eCommerce store. The purchasers can interact for what they want in the real scenario.

Boost in Sales

People like a changing picture, and thus, videos can constantly generate more eminent clicks through rates. And when they like the Video, this enhances the possibilities of obtaining a shopping, which is sure to increase sales. Purchasers are also doing a video call for what they want to purchase, and the merchant describes the shopper’s requirements in detail. Shoppers can watch which product they’ll get from the merchant in this “shop with video” feature.


Increase in Conversions

Shop with Video is among the most popular exploration results. Thus when you have a shop with Video on your eCommerce store, you come up with more and more search outcomes, experience better rankings, and increase traffic. A perfectly produced feature has people featured in it well explain about your product. Thus, people can compare to it, prepare encouraged, and have greater opportunities to reshare. We observe universally on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that somebody loves sharing videos. And then you know that people who already attended live conversion with a video for a product are highly likely to sell.

Lesser Costs

Shop with Videos can be created easily by simply integrating applications to your eCommerce store these days. It is straightforward, with people having essential knowledge of how to use this functionality quickly. Thus, it brings down the cost of live videos applications remarkably. Furthermore, there are lots of applications that are free, and it is available on Shopify & Magento store. So, You can easily integrate it into your eCommerce store.

Key Features Of Video Commerce

It is the most important functionality, and a Video Shopping app can genuinely do without it. Combining the app with the integration of applications will allow the presenters and shoppers to create a live video. Hence, they engage with it, head towards conversion, and go shopping.

LIVE Streaming

Another significant functionality to have for a Video Shopping app. As we discussed above, there are different types of Video Shopping Apps, and amongst them, one was the LIVE Video Shopping app. And for that type of app, the LIVE Streaming feature is necessary, as it will enable the presenters to attend a LIVE stream to communicate about the product.

In-App Voice Assistance

In-app Voice Assistant is a crucial feature for the Video Shopping app, as it improves the app’s advantage significantly. Your audience would love this chance to utilize a voice assistant in their communication with the video presenters through a LIVE session.


Push Notification

This innovation enables the app to send messages, alerts, and app users to send information to everyone.

CRM Integration

Consumer Relationship Management is required for any app, and the identical exists for the Voice Shopping app. This innovation enables maintaining consumer relations strong by keeping in mind their particular specifications and allowing personalized support and services.

Loyalty Program

Every industry experiences having a great number of faithful consumers. You can do it too by combining this innovation and then triumphantly serving your consumers in a much more attractive manner by offering them rewards, coupons, and discounts, from time to time, understanding and understanding their commitment towards your business.

Behaviour Tracking

It is important to determine what behavior fascinates your user, which can be determined according to the explorations saved in the back-end. The app should push recommendations to the users, creating engagement in the users. It helps in feature promotion and to perceive more views from users.

Industries Who have to utilize – Shop With Video

Home Decor
Women’s Retail
Direct Selling
Sports Merchandise
Beauty & Cosmetics
Fashion & Jewelry
Consumer Electronics
Banking Financial Services & Insurance

Application names that you can integrate into your eCommerce store

You can integrate these platforms / Applications using API and Configuring the application into your eCommerce Store.
Popshop Live

The Future of Live Shopping

Live shopping begins with a good dose of human connection and special touch that was dropping in popular online shopping.
What’s more?
Live shopping is more than just a trend. This is because it executes for a win-win circumstance for both consumers and retailers. While purchasers experience the convenience of shopping from anywhere in the world, linked with enthusiasm and anticipation, retailers receive the prospect to increase their businesses exponentially.

If at all you are quiet on the fence about leveraging live purchasing for your brand, don’t be. Pick a suitable eCommerce platform for your decision, and gain started. And should you require an easy-to-use platform for real-time practical assistance through the voice and video calls Then Why are waiting for it?

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