A/B Testing – Strategies for your eCommerce Business

A/B Testing – Strategies for your eCommerce Business

Today’s online merchants have access to many benefits not available to earlier generations of short and mid-size businesses, including the science of marketing. A/B testing, in particular, has been around for decades—but thanks to modern, low-cost online tools, it is now easier and more affordable than ever earlier.

Hundreds of studies have demonstrated the power of A/B testing to increase conversion prices, and big businesses have been able to obtain every purchase utilizing this method of marketing science. Luckily, these days online businesses of any size can immediately and cost-effectively reach these power-user benefits.

What is an A/B Test?

A/B testing, also identified as split testing, happens when two variants of an item (for instance, a web page) are presented to customers for a particular period. By analyzing the outcomes of individual items utilizing pre-selected metrics, you can decide which version is more efficient and should be achieved moving forward. A/B tests are utilized over many types of actions, including email marketing and SEO.


A/B tests provide eCommerce store owners to test and estimate the influence of anything and everything—from the color of “Buy Now” buttons to a homepage design. They can assist you in determining specifically which words, colors, prices, and other variables you may want to test constrain customers to open, click, and buy more often. Once you know which variants convert best between two (or more) site visitors, you can apply them to all of your guests.

Many online merchants who begin A/B testing are astonished to learn that even the most insignificant details can significantly differ in conversion rates. Elements they thought didn’t matter at all—such as the font or size of the text in a “Buy Now” button—often turn out to matter largely about customers’ capacity to click. After working on various A/B tests, merchants recognize that even complex changes to copy, colors, prices, and more can dramatically change shoppers’ management.

The Advantages of A/B Testing for eCommerce

A/B testing presents an abundance of advantages for businesses that wish to incorporate it into their online strategy. Here are just some of the benefits of operating an A/B test:

1. Gives important insights on consumers and marketing

Shoppers are growing frequently exacting and are ready to discover options when faced with an undesirable user occurrence. Whether they dislike your site’s total user occurrence or only a circumstantial aspect of your website, A/B testing enables you to assume complete exact data to confirm one way or another and make empowered choices.

2. Boosts conversion prices

The foremost benefit of A/B testing is optimizing your conversion rates—in other words, getting better results from every site visit. Since you can see first-hand which of the options you are exploring is more beneficial to your customers, you can immediately realize that option over your site, supporting more conversions.

3. Decreases bounce rates


Hand-in-hand with improved conversions get reduced bounce rates. Complying with what benefits customers return to positively can also understand which benefit customers return to adversely and remove supplementary examples over your site. It, in turn, will lead to some customers leaving your site immediately as they consistently find pleasant occurrences.

4. Takes the guesswork out of decision-making

Here’s a sobering fact: even the most reliable online marketing experts create winning designs only 25-30% of the time. In other words, 70-75% of plans fail. Testing supports eCommerce merchants improve the number of successes because their judgments are based not on guesswork but on how customers respond to particular variables.

5. Checks an SEO crisis

Think if you were to modernize SEO over the board, only to discover out later that it hurt your site’s ranking and business. Since SEO needs so hard to get the effect, poorly-received SEO tactics are a much more difficult problem to retaliate. With an A/B test, you can recognize the best unique strategies and protect what’s already working so that you don’t work into issues down the line.

6. Tools are free/low-cost.

A/B testing is utilized to be valuable and, therefore, cost-prohibitive for little businesses to perform. But that is no higher the case. Today’s online merchants can utilize powerful, free tools like Optimizely and Google Analytics to transfer A/B tests and collect data, obtaining important insights about their eCommerce sites in the manner.

7. Delivers immediate consequences


The most enjoyable part of A/B testing is that you can see outcomes from your applications within a day or two (depending on your standard site traffic). As more people visit your store, more data will pour in, and you’ll likely start to see which option is trending more positively early on. It means you can make smart judgments regarding your store occurrence and begin executing alterations immediately.

Best A/B Testing Strategies For Your eCommerce Business

Your eCommerce store has different elements for split testing. Hence, you can execute changes to the Homepage, sitewide changes, CTAs, Category pages, Products and Images, and alterations to the checkout cart.

Categories Personalization For HomepageYour Homepage determines the bounce rate as well as the conversions on your store. Visualize your Homepage being uncluttered, with a lot of classes and products.

While this might be useful for first-time consumers, but not for the consumers with the purpose of shopping, the most reliable way is to personalize the classes based on the user’s performance and history.

Well, this is what sites with broad categories like Amazon and eBay do. After the first visit by their consumers, they show up the personalized homepage categories based on the users’ history.


Search-Based Testing

Once you have personalized the categories, the subsequent thing is to sort out the search suggestions. Building a split-test for search suggestions can improve your revenue by up to 20%.
If you have a multi-niche store, I would recommend you jump this move. However, if you have a single niche store, you can test the alterations.
A lot of eCommerce stores recommend the best-selling products when a user seeks that product. That’s a sharp way to make the sales done.
You can also conduct a split test based on the exploration approaches in categories, sub-categories, blogs, or the related products in the form of a list.

A/B Testing For Checkout Page

Upsells & Cross-sells, newsletter sign-ups, and social sharing are practical triggers for the checkout page. Now, it depends on you to discover the modification you want and engages more users.

You can catch email, create lists, generate more sales and offers and implement as many tweaks as possible on the checkout page. But recognize, it should meet your goal.

The first version is the advantage of Offers on the checkout page. When the consumers have arrived at the checkout page, they are halfway done. In my recommendation, you can complete the following split tests:

  • Design Discount Offers to catch the consumers’ emails and make a list. You can also build a membership or subscription form as a co-benefit.
  •  To generate more upsells, you can suggest the products at the checkout page.

Also, do not ignore the checkout method. No one likes the multi-page involved checkout methods. Hence, complete a test between the single-page and multi-page checkout methods to determine your checkout page.

Test Your Products Images & Description

Product images can be intimidating, and it influences your conversions. A/B testing your ideas is a powerful way to improve ROI.

You can make alterations to product images and specifications to obtain the most suitable version of your test. I would recommend utilizing A/B testing tools such as Shopify Products A/B Test.

This tool lets you execute changes to the product information, images as well as pricing. Make your changes manually or automatically and subsequently analyze the sales between the two versions.

Social Testing For eCommerce

Thus, social testing in eCommerce can be a driving power for your store. You can generate split tests by changing various elements of your social media posts.

  • Test the post text: Plan split tests with various post styles, emojis, post length, and content.
  • Hashtags: Check with the hashtags. You can utilize several hashtags in the identical type of product promotion to check out which works better.
  • Media: Utilize photos vs. video split testing to check the better-performing campaign.

Instagram and Facebook converted the top option of customers in 2020 for shopping online. If you intend to run an advanced social media ad on Facebook, use Facebook Ads-manager to test the A/B functionality.

Mobile Navigation

70% of the customers favor mobile shopping rather than on the desktop. Your aim should be to reduce the bounce rate and improve ROI. Building a user-friendly mobile site would turn the records for your business.
Work the split test with the navigation menus. Try to eliminate the essential components of your mobile app/website. Do not press the Homepage with the products or the categories.

You can perform the split tests by utilizing images/videos on your Homepage.

Lastly, alter the size of your CTA buttons and experiment with the text buttons. Your mobile design should go well with your CTAs and navigational components.

Best A/B Testing Tools For eCommerce

To optimize your eCommerce store and to generate the split testing, you might require several good tools for building the split tests.
Several of them are category-specific, while most of the split testing tools can help the multi-purpose.
eCommerce developers such as Shopify or BigCommerce have A/B testing tools of their personal. Tools like the Shopify product A/B test would be ideal for producing the A/B tests in Shopify.

Email marketing tools such as OptinMonster, Campaign Monitor, and MailChimp are the most favored for producing email split testing.
Landing page A/B testing or perfection can be done utilizing tools like Neat A/B and Omniconvert.
Hootsuite and Buffer are the most useful tools for social media testing. Other important tools for split testing involve Optimizely, VWO, and Google Optimize.


Running an A/B test is an efficient way to increase your overall store. You can utilize your store traffic to increase relevant insights and optimize your store for conversions by going live, controlled tests.

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