The Biggest Developer Updates | Shopify Editions | Summer’22

The Biggest Developer Updates | Shopify Editions | Summer’22

Put your goods in front of the ideal customers to attract new clients, and use Shop Cash to increase sales. With integrated B2B and Shopify POS, convert every customer into global marketplaces. With new tools for engagement and greater access to customer insights, establish lasting partnerships. With a quicker, more efficient admin, you can quickly complete every order with SFN and 2-day delivery. The top commerce platform in the world’s apps can provide you with anything else you require.

Shopify Audiences

Finding a new customer is very tough and costly through digital marketing and ads in this era. That’s why Shopify builds this feature- “Shopify Audiences”. It’s a new application that finds the best new customer. Our merchant network helps you to identify buyers who looking for your products through Shopify’s impressive view.


  • Shopify Plus exclusive
  • Conversion rate increase
  • Audience creation with machine learning
  • Shopify to ad platforms integration

Shop Cash

Increase your business revenue using shop cash rewards
As you know, Shopify is booming in eCommerce. Using this feature your customer can get the rewards. You can also create offers to get new and modern customers using shop cash boosts.


  • Increase the number of orders and revenue
  • Customers retention & acquisition
  • Customer attraction


If you are a customer and you want to purchase something from an online eCommerce store and you’ll be redirected to the eCommerce store. That eCommerce store has been created in Shopify, then you can select what you want to buy – Proceed to checkout – you can see the payment methods and you have to pay with shop pay. You will get a 1% reward on your total purchase amount.

Twitter Shopping


Highlight and sell your products directly on Twitter.

Twitter’s looking to take another step towards streamlined in-app commerce with the launch of a new partnership with Shopify, which will enable Shopify merchants to list their products on their Twitter Professional Profiles, with each item, when tapped, then redirecting users to the Shopify product page to make a purchase.


Dovetale is a community management tool that aids you to recruit and organize a community of brand ambassadors and influencers. You can build community programs, and partner with creators, influencers, and affiliates to achieve more visibility with contemporary audiences.

Dovetale is the creator management tool that aids you to find new creators and influencers, make accurate communities, and relationship management, and you can also track affiliate sales.


The key features of expanding your business.

  • Discovering contemporary audiences
  • Sales-driven


Make your link in bio shoppable.
Brands with Shopify stores can now build free ‘link in bio’ pages for their social profiles with Linkpop. The new service integrates Shopify’s secure checkout, and visitors can make purchases with only three clicks. The tool can be used by anyone whether or not they are a Shopify merchant. But, the shoppable links are only available to Shopify merchants.


How to create the link?

1- Create your account on the Linkpop page.
2- Click on Add Link
3- Fill in the required details
4- Link Created


Marketplace Kit

Create shopping experiences on any platform with our elastic APIs
The Shopify Marketplace Kit is designed to turn any social media or content creation page into an eCommerce platform. Shopify provides all necessary tools, APIs, and instructions for users to get up and running quickly. This includes product listings, storefronts, component libraries, and Shopify’s state-of-the-art checkout system.
This kit also features some invaluable ‘soft skill’ guidelines for content, which we’ll delve into later.

B2B on Shopify

Sell to your direct and wholesale customers—integrated with one store

B2B on Shopify is a suite of features that enable you to sell B2B, or business to business, through the online store, without requiring the use of third-party apps or workarounds to implement B2B complexity.


The most essential and powerful feature launched using B2B on Shopify. It’ll be operated by Shopify admin. This means that you can run your complete business on one platform without integrating 3rd party applications. This is the B2B platform you’ve been waiting for. You can set the wholesale prices and net terms. You can customize your eCommerce store using themes and discounts. This feature is Shopify plus exclusive.


Shopify Markets

Every merchant would like to sell their products worldwide.
This feature is helping you to reach modern geographical regions and increase your sales globally from one place in your eCommerce Shopify Admin. As per our research, you can increase your sales and conversation rate up to 40% higher in international regions. You can set the price lists and domains by region. You can also create your eCommerce store in multi-currencies and multi-languages. You can also take taxes and duties at checkout.

Hydrogen + Oxygen

Shopify Hydrogen and Shopify Oxygen were recently launched. Numerous industry experts have hailed them as the future of the platform. But what exactly are they? In simple terms, Shopify Hydrogen is a framework for creating custom storefronts and Shopify Oxygen is the platform that provides the hosting. However, this barely scratches the surface of these powerful Shopify upgrades.


With the help of a React-based framework built by Shopify, merchants can build fast and headless storefronts. Hydrogen provides pre-built components and starter templates to accelerate the development process. Hydrogen sites can be deployed with one click using Oxygen.

Concluding Words

Shopify Editions are available now to better navigate, manage and deploy apps across Shopify. Build better relationships with your customers by heading over to the latest Shopify Editions release. Shopify Editions has the right tool to help merchants provide a personalized shopping experience to customers and keep them returning.
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