A Brief Summary Of BOPIS

A Brief Summary Of BOPIS

Everyone knows that the eCommerce market is growing day by day. Most retailers applied the Bopis model strategy to meet their shopper’s global expectations. But you haven’t used it in your eCommerce store and didn’t know what Bopis is and how it works. To learn about it, read this article carefully.

This method is good to implement in your eCommerce store to meet your customer’s expectations and keep their customers happy. It’s also great for those who love the shop online and pick up from the store.

What is BOPIS in Retail?

BOPIS Calls as a Buy Online, Pick up in-store.

It’s a popular retail strategy that allows your shoppers to have the best: Online shopping & In-person Pickup. In that way, shoppers don’t have to pay for shipping, no waiting for a long-time delivery, no deal with a shipping agency, no fear of broken items, and self-order fulfilment. Shoppers can comfortably shop for items from their devices such as mobiles, tablets, and laptops. Shoppers can purchase the item from an online store and pick it up when it is ready.


BOPIS is also a good strategy for retail eCommerce. You can create a great combination of online shopping and physical stores. It will make the shopping procedure more suitable for every shopper.

Many enterprises with eCommerce functionalities have made the most of this online and in-store experience. Many eCommerce store owners offer BOPIS As part of their checkout procedure.

How the BOPIS works?

It is a Straightforward strategy to implement in your eCommerce store. If you have both – an online eCommerce store and a physical retail store, you must follow the same steps.
First, you have to add a different delivery method and ensure your store can process these orders smoothly and deliver a great BOPIS experience.


You’ll also require confirming a specified area that allows shoppers to their items quickly. It could be a specific section within your store location or even curbside pickup to effectively deal with BOPIS orders. 

Here’s a more detailed look at the BOPIS shopping experience:

  • Shoppers will browse the online inventory to see what’s available, and when they discover an item they want, they will be given a chance to choose “pickup” or “delivery.”
  • Once the order has been placed, the local storefront will fulfill and hold onto the order. 
  • The shopper will move to that local storefront to pick up their order; generally, a designated pickup area or service desk can help with online orders.

BOPIS is most useful when stressed across the entire consumer journey: from first seeing the prospect in the product list, to being reminded of it on the product detail page and to the checkout.

Best Buy is a wonderful example of adopting buy online pick up in-store. On their website, shipping details and pickup prospects are absolutely and invariably displayed throughout the consumer’s journey.

The benefits of BOPIS for retail eCommerce

As seen above, BOPIS can potentially help eCommerce stores boost sales numbers by providing a delivery option that shoppers will utilize and relish. There are also some other advantages.

Lower or no delivery costs

According to our study, 35% of respondents favour the BOPIS process because it authorizes them to sidestep shipping costs. And in the odd times that you have to pay to pick up in-store, the fees are usually much lower than home delivery.

Ultra-fast service

It can be stressful tracking a package coming from somewhere else in the world, expecting that it’s the right item and undamaged when it comes (if it does). Selecting an item in-store means that consumers can identify an order and then go to their local store to pick it up if it’s in stock. Of course, you may still require to wait a few days if the item is not in stock.

Peace of mind

Some customers don’t like the anticipation of waiting for a package to reach without even being able to look at the physical item first. BOPIS offers in-stock insurance that online stores can’t always deliver. Consumers can open, view, and determine whether the product suits them and fulfils their requirements. If not, they may be able to return it straight away.

Extra purchases and increased foot traffic

Shoppers are more willing to make acquisitions when they know they can pick them up in the store, so they are much more likely to add additional items to their purchase. Moreso, BOPIS will obtain people to your store. It offers you an extra chance to create that point of sale collection, or in-store only offers work even harder.

Examples of successful BOPIS strategy implementation

Shoppers are more willing to make acquisitions when they know they can pick them up in the store, so they are much more likely to add additional items to their purchase. Moreso, BOPIS will obtain people to your store. It offers you an extra chance to create that point of sale collection, or in-store only offers work even harder.


The BOPIS business model continues to become more and more popular as all types of vendors continue to execute the service. Different large organizations have chosen to implement BOPIS, including Walmart, D-Mart, Amazon, and Target.

Walmart delivers Pickup Towers and Lockers in its stores that stow orders for consumers until they are ready to pick them up. The retail corporation also offers curbside pickup for ultimate convenience, ease, and the capacity to pick up orders 24 hours a day at available locations. Furthermore, they encourage their consumers to utilize the BOPIS services by offering discounts on BOPIS orders and driving programs that authorize EBT cardholders to participate in BOPIS services.
Target offers two-hour pickup in many of its stores and has also started implementing a curbside pickup option.

Pickup store

In addition, Target is opening 20,000-square-foot stores on college campuses across the U.S. These small stores would authorize college students to shop for all their essential school and dormitory room supplies online and then pick them up in the store on the college campus, potentially weeks later. It could especially benefit college students and their families by destroying the demand to move extensive amounts of items or visit furniture stores near the latest school.

Amazon has joined the BOPIS trend by launching its own BOPIS service with pickup sites around the U.S. Furthermore, its purchase of Whole Foods – the American multinational supermarket chain — has allowed them to place pickup sites and Amazon Lockers in every Whole Foods grocery store across the country.


eCommerce might be a byword for convenience, but that doesn’t mean that consumers don’t abandon shopping journeys – or certain brands – that don’t deliver a greater experience.

As well as giving consumers greater flexibility in their choice of delivery and pickup options, the rising popularity of Buy Online Pick-up In-Store marks a clear transition in how we conceptualize physical retail. BOPIS creates a critical bridge between your retail store and your eCommerce presence. With more consumers pursuing the convenience of online shopping and the tactile experiences of offline retail, BOPIS fulfilment offers the perfect strategy for broadening your omnichannel capabilities.

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