Cryptocurrency: Is it Right for Your eCommerce Store?

Cryptocurrency: Is it Right for Your eCommerce Store?

When Bitcoin launched in 2009, it unlocked the door for outstanding digital payments and current business procedures. calculates that 106 million people worldwide utilize cryptocurrencies, and businesses are directive.

Tesla has over $1 billion in cryptocurrency investments. They newly revealed that they would take Bitcoin as payment, only to rebound their decision weeks later. Paypal offers “Checkout with Crypto,” permitting users to checkout with cryptocurrencies instantly through their Paypal account at millions of online retailers. Overstock, Expedia, Microsoft, AT&T, and Home Depot have set up payment systems to enable Bitcoin transactions.

We’ll likely catch more brands and retailers combining cryptocurrency payment gateways, but the digital payment alternative has advantages and surprises that could impact your business. We arrange together the pros of acknowledging Cryptocurrency to support you decide if it’s the right option for your company.

The Pros of Receiving Cryptocurrency on an eCommerce store

Outside of being modern, Cryptocurrency delivers advantages that could allow a business to expand its consumer base, boost conversions, and streamline consumer experiences.

Better Safe Transactions

More Secure Transactions

Blockchain, the technology behind Cryptocurrency, is a circulated digital ledger. It signifies transactional, and user data is never saved on a single centralized server like most conventional financial institutions. As an outcome, fake should theoretically go down. Further, cryptocurrency transactions do not need any personal identifying information (PII)—the only required is the digital wallet’s ID—creating the risk of essence stealing minimal.

More comfortable to Grow Globally

Extending into the international market is a complex, time-consuming procedure computing out interaction rates and discovering and incorporating local payment gateways. Nevertheless, cryptocurrencies are not connected to a specific country’s interaction speed because they are universally acknowledged. Merchants can peddle to consumers no matter where they are with a single cryptocurrency payment gateway.

Lower Transaction Costs

Lower Transaction Fees

Altogether, cryptocurrency transaction costs are more minor than credit card costs, varying from 0.5% to 5%, plus an extra flat fee for individual transactions. Cryptocurrency can be moved with tiny to no fees connected, saving the merchant costs associated with processing expenses.

Quicker, Simpler Checkout User Experience

Unlike standard bank trades that can endure days to process, cryptocurrency businesses are near immediate due to the digital support’s decentralized, peer-to-peer network. It offers brands and merchants instant entry to accounts and permits them to ship outcomes instantly.

Faster, Simpler Checkout User Experience

Further, Cryptocurrency creates the frontend user experience frictionless. Consumers utilize their digital wallets to conduct cryptocurrency transactions, unlike credit or debit card dealings that need considerable areas during checkout. By submitting an extra payment alternative and declining the number of checkout areas, you can simplify the checkout procedure and eventually decrease cart abandonment and boost modifications.

CALL OUT: “Trademarks and vendors are constantly exploring ways to improve conversion rate, and by accepting cryptocurrency and creating a frictionless checkout experience, you should, in approach, see an increase in conversion rate across gadgets.”

Seamless B2B Transactions with Intelligent Agreements

Many B2B companies still utilize a manual procedure of arranging contracts and transacting payments, but blockchain technology delivers a more efficient business process. An intelligent agreement is a coded understanding between two or more parties and kept on a decentralized blockchain server. Concurrently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain enable more complicated contracts, expedite the negotiation and implementation approach, and improve the efficiency of the agreement.

Several blockchain integrations for B2B utilize Ethereum as the blockchain network. The network is open-source, which permits companies to market, store registries of debts or guarantees, and move budgets without an intermediary.

Improved Consumer Loyalty
Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Traditional belief schedules usually sorrow from low rescue rates, increased operating costs, and challengers from other commitment programs in the market. According to Infosys, the middle US customer experiences seven loyalty programs, but 30% of the total points granted are never saved.
With cryptocurrencies, loyalty points evolve as actual, tradeable, and liquidate. Customers have more flexibility in utilizing their loyalty points, whether to utilize them towards their subsequent purchase, trade them with a friend, or cash them in to spend for something else.

The Cons of Receiving Cryptocurrency on an eCommerce Store

While there are multiple advantages to buying Cryptocurrency, you must comprehend the disadvantages before creating the investment.

Numerous Choices to Select From

As of earlier 2021, there are over 4,000 cryptocurrencies. And gratitude to meme-based cryptocurrencies, or cryptocurrencies that achieve vogue due to a viral meme, it isn’t easy to indicate which Cryptocurrency will evolve mainstream long-term and which will be a trend. When considering cryptocurrencies for your eCommerce store, you must consider your business functions and your consumers’ choices.

Volatility in Cryptocurrency

The significance of Cryptocurrency is positively volatile. Cryptocurrencies can too fall target to viral social media posts.
For instance, your client purchases a shirt for 5 Bitcoins but chooses to replace the shirt a week after. However, by the time they produce the shirt, the importance of Bitcoin moves down 50%.

Please note these are only recommended guidelines, but there are plenty of ways out there to combine cryptocurrency checkout with your eCommerce store.

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento

Why Customers are Confused?

Over 100 million individuals have purchased Cryptocurrency, but most customers don’t comprehend how to utilize it. According to a survey by us, only 17% of investors that bought cryptocurrency “fully comprehend” the value and potential of Cryptocurrency. 33% of consumers have zero understanding of the space or would convey their level of understanding as “emerging.”

Before Cryptocurrency evolves mainstream for creating assets, its perception must shift from being seen as an investment to interchangeable support. “You wouldn’t think something online with stock,” said Chris. It will take time for customers to feel relaxed utilizing cryptocurrencies to purchase products and services. We anticipate Cryptocurrency is here to survive, but what it will examine like in a year or five years is unfamiliar.

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