Is Your Store Ready For Black Friday, Thanks Giving And Cyber Monday Sale 2022?

Is Your Store Ready For Black Friday, Thanks Giving And Cyber Monday Sale 2022?

It would help if you searched for a checklist before starting advertising and marketing for Black Friday, Thanks Giving And Cyber Monday Sale. What checklist? Let me answer to ensure your online store is up to date, without issues/bugs, required banner & graphics changes for festivals, and more…

Here you go:

1. Check each eCommerce page of your store to confirm that your customers can place orders without any hassles and post-order activities. Like: the Landin page, Category(Product listing) page along with filters, Product detailed page with configurations & prices, Search bar, Login & Register, Cart page, Checkout page with shipping & billing sections, Discounts, Order tracking, Invoices & shipment pages. So, all the available features on your store must be usable for the end users. A bug-free eCommerce store.

2. Your warehouse must be full of products, so analyze your future sale and pack the inventories. It helps in quick shipping, and customers are always happy when they receive an order in 1-3 days ?

3. Attract customers with festival & discount banners on most pages, especially on the landing(primary home) page, and special prices on product listing(category) and detail pages. Of course, you can set up the products specific and bulk discounts accordingly. You can also add a menu item on top “Sale”.

4. Product Detailed Page: it’s the very crucial page where customers leave your store without purchasing. So, this page must include product details, pricing, discounts, product images & videos, shipping information, and available payment options sections.

5. We must recognize the speed of our store, as customers only stay on the website if it loads in 3-5 seconds. Here is the tool to check with – So, your store must be optimized.

6. During the festive season, your store will have 200% to 500%+ customer visits than regular days. So, please make sure your server/store can handle these visits in a single day.

7. You might lose customers if they do not find their favorable Shipping & Payment method while placing the order. Find your customers’ favorites and setup ?

8. Connect with two or more shipping & parcel companies to manage your quick deliveries.

9. Create a customer support page to handle customer queries about the products/orders/any.

10. Create Return & Refunds pages, so your customer must know the policies before they buy.

Once you complete the checklist above, please consider Advertisement & Marketing activities.

11. Google/Facebook/Instagram Ads: your campaigns, products, prices, and discounts must match the store data. Run separate Ad campaigns for Black Friday, Thanks Giving, and Cyber Monday. Make sure your Ads are reaching your targeted audience.

12. Email Newsletters: Send festive discount emails to you, all existing & subscribed customers, that your store has Black Friday, Thanks Giving And Cyber Monday Sale.

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