How to start an eCommerce business in the UK

How to start an eCommerce business in the UK

We all know the United Kingdom is always on top when we check the statistics of eCommerce businesses. Why? Because the people of the UK want everything at their doorstep with the best user experience the online shopping, quick shipping, and easy payment solutions.

Now, as a retailer, wholesaler, or marketplace owner, you must be searching for your online buying customers. Am I right? Yes, of course!

Now, you have many questions about how to start an eCommerce business in the UK. Which technologies, logistics & shipping collaborations, payment solutions for customers, advertisement to attract and reach customers, return on investment, social media presence, marketing, and many more questions must you have?

Please note – starting an eCommerce Business doesn’t mean installing a third-party ready-made theme because it doesn’t help you sell online ?

To start with eCommerce in the UK, you must take all the required actions below.

1. List down the products & categories you want to sell online, along with a business plan.

2. Register this business with the UK government and business formalities. Also, buy your domain first to secure your online brand with the same name.

3. KYC – Find your targeted audience – locations in the UK, age, gender, profession, and more.

4. With the above three actions, you can now assign a specific budget for your project.

5. Analyse your competitor’s online business in terms of website, products, categories, features, designs, etc.

6. Finding the perfect eCommerce platform matching your & your end users’ needs, like Shopify, Magento, WIX, WooCommerce, etc. To do this, consult with a Digital Commerce agency like us, “Born Techies.” Only choose the agency that has a 100% focus on eCommerce. Otherwise, your eCommerce with be just another website.

7. Next step is to finalize the User Experience, User Interface, and required features to be implemented.

8. Collaboration with Logistics/Shipping companies and integration with our eCommerce system. We must understand our customer’s shipping choices. Like – Royal Mail, DTDC, FedEx, Anglo, Femis Limited, UPS, and more…

9. Collaboration with Payment solution companies and integration with our eCommerce system. We must understand our customer’s preferred payment options. Like – Credit & Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Paypal, Mobile Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more…

10. List your accounting, CRM & ERP solutions to be connected with your new eCommerce system. Like – NetSuite, Odoo, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and more…

11. Search Engine Optimizations of products, categories, and all the required pages which your customer can search and find in the search engine’s search results.

12. Marketing & Advertisement. Regarding your actions three KYC – you know which social media platform your customers are and which search engine they use most. So, we can indeed identify our marketing campaigns to reach our customers.

13. Applying securities to our online store saves our customers from fraudulent transactions, data theft, and other hacking activities.

14. Make a Privacy policy and other required legal pages to link to our online store.

With all your above fourteen actions, your online business has started now and getting sales. Now, do not forget to maintain the store with support & maintenance along with security enhancements. Keep your e-store up to date.

Born Techies know UK eCommerce behavior. We have vast experience helping UK eCommerce businesses, so we know all the above actions that we will help starting from consulting to driving sales to your online sales as per your expectation.

Sounds good? Do not wait. Click the below button to connect with us and build your dream eCommerce project to sell your products in the UK or across borders.

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